Fashionable Mondays – Michael Jackson Style For the Ladies

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With the recent passing of our beloved King of Pop, I felt it only right to dedicate this week’s Fashionable Mondays to him. The world is talking about what a great music icon he is, but let’s not overlook the influence he had on the fashion world. Michael Jackson is style, flare, and individuality. Whether you liked it, loved it, or hated it, you we’re taking about it- everything from loafers and socks to tight skinny jeans for men to the infamous glitter glove.




I think that most people, in some way shape or form, have work a little MJ into their wardrobe. Let’s take a look some of his coolest hippest neato (lol i ran out of cool words) outfits and I’ll show you where you can get them!

Okay, outfit numero uno. Early eighties.


I’m liking this outfit, especially the flare of the pants. Let’s look at some different options to cross it over to the female side of things. This skirt, by Moschino, is the perfect play on the above outfit. It’s priced at $295. Don’t worry! The rest of this outfit will be inexpensive lol.


I would pair it with this basic pintucked shirt from Forever21, only $14.80 (see! I told you things would cheapen out). Take a look…


Now, the skirt is high-waisted, so you will be tucking this shirt in for a very tailored look.  Now for the shoes. I know your thinking eww flats?? and a loafer too!!?? No way! lol, but wait! Loafers can be sexy! No really, no kidding. These sexy wedges from Jessica Simpson are a fashionable take on a classic shoe.


Hot right! I’ll leave it up to you weather you want to wear it with socks or not lol…I say no.

Outfit number duece! The sexy, classic, stunning all white suit!! OWWWWwwwwWWwWW!!!!


Let’s look at a few options. The first one comes from Banana Republic, the jacket is $150 and the pants are $79. Tre chic!


Version two is a 3-piece suit from by Calvin Klein. The jacket is similar to the first suit, but the tailoring on the leg is the difference. The above version is a cuffed and creased wide leg, while the below version has more of a tapered leg, meaning your shoes won’t be covered, thus they must be hot (don’t worry, I got you covered).


This suit is $86.99 for all 3 pieces! Go Overstock! Okay, you see how Michael has that little animal-print scarf in the pocket? I thought we could switch that up a little and bring it into our footwear choice. Here’s what I found…

6219-911124-pGuess by Marciano, $210

1396-434063-pStuart Weitzman, $154

6219-760027-pThis last pair, Charles by Charles David, is on sale for $100, and would look great with the tapered leg pant. All three of these shoes come from

Sidebar: Did you know that this piece is part of the latest fashion in France?


I lie to you not!! Afro and everything, look at little Michael.

Okay, and entire Michael Jackson outfit may not be for you, but there are still some classic pieces that you can work into your wardrobe.

First, the skinny black pant! This is a basic item that you can dress up or down. J Brand is one of my favorite pair of jean brands. Look at the pair below…


They are priced at $158. I know, a lot right!! But, I have one pair of J Brand jeans and they are my favorite pair of skinny jeans ever, they fit perfectly and don’t fade in the wash. I did however snag them from Filene’s Basement for only $69.

Next MJ staple is the glitter glove.


You can go all out with this shirt by Chan Luu


Sidebar: check out some of the other clothing on that website, it’s exclusively for emerging designers. If that’s too much  glitter glam for you, try these smaller accenting items from The clutch is $18 and the scarf is $10.


Finally, you can’t be bad and know it without with out the infamous red jacket. It is symbolic to the Michael Jackson icon.


Here’s are some similar styles for the ladies.


This jacket by Timot is $799, it’s real leather, and Italian! Lol still too much I know I know, don’t worry I always provide an affordable version. Here’s one from JC Penny, only $24.99! Oh yeaaaaaaa!


See! Told ya! Okay well I’ve done enough here, I think you can take it from here to incorporate some Michael Jackson style into your wardrobe.

We love you MJ!!!!

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Show Off! – Mirza Mperial

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I think call time was at noon. I hate that you have to arrive 4-5 hours before a show just to wait and wait. And then they don’t always have food, but if they do, it’s something like donuts lol aughhhh!!!

I instantly loved the designs of Mirza Mperial, they were classic garments, well crafted and stitched, it reminded me of royalty. It was nice to see a designer take pride in his craft. Sometimes you meet people who just throw fabric pieces together and want to call themselves the next Project Runway star.

Mirza Mperial was the last designer to show that day. So I waited with my model friends Angie and Elyce for make-up.


shows 013

Yes please hide my racoon eyes! I hear Naomi Campbell has them too lol. The finished product was nice! Although I wasn’t really feeling the hair lol, stylists just don’t know what to do with my curls! They either slick it back or violently tease it out, ouch!

shows 016

Then we were fitted in our garments and shoes and all was left  to do was wait for showtime. The designer wanted all the models to do the clydesdale stomp down the runway, at first I didn’t even know what this was. Mind you, I prefer being behind the camera lol. After some researching, I honestly thought it looked kinda silly, but whatevers.



Sidebar: Look at that booty!!! OWWWWwwwww!!! lol. I kept fiddling with my dress because the boobies kept falling out and they had run out of sticky tape. I didn’t want a nip to pop out as I was clydesdale stomping down the runway.


Can’t you see the look of concern on my face lol! Like get me some tape!!


Sidebar: special thanks to this designer for getting me shoes in my size! That means so much to me (sniff) to not have to bust a pinky toe for fashion.

After we all lined up and got some finishing touches it was show time!



All in all I thought it was a good show. I saw the video feed after and I hate to say that I still have the dear-in-headlights face sometimes lol I need to practice being sexy! Sadly, I had to return the shoes 😦 Even though I’ve heard that models steal things sometimes, but I don’t need that karma. I accidently took a MAC lipstick once and offered to mail it back to the make-up artist, she let me keep it thou.

One final pic…


…and then we called it a night. I headed home to scrape my face and hit the bed. One day this will be my full-time gig, but until then, I can only live the dream occasionaly.

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Fashionable Mondays – The Jumpsuit Debate

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I was shopping in Georgetown this weekend and saw a peculiar jumpsuit in Zara, and it inspired me to explore the trend further. Here was the jumpsuit (if you followed me on twitter, naomikeziah, then you saw the pic as I discovered this gem in the store).


The pattern was loud and the colors were clashing, the fabric was loose and flowy. I was baffeled on how to wear this and where to wear it to.

Where did the jumpsuit originally come from. Ooo! Can we travel down fashion history lane! I love trips!!

 The jumpsuit originally referred to the utilitarian one-piece garments used by parachuters and skydivers, but has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. Starting in the 1960s, the jumpsuit has made occasional appearances in common and high fashion (particularly in the 1980s), but has never been a common item of everyday wear.

Don’t you feel like you learned something? Lol. So maybe the jumpsuit is trying to make a comeback (like leggings and the side ponytail), and we should embrace the conjoined-twin of a top and a bottom.

First, it’s always helpful to see how celebs are wearing them.


Hmmm…not really feeling any of these. Let’s try again…


Meh…a little better. I actually really like the one on the right worn by Victoria Beckham. Look at this one (disclaimer: if you have small children around, please have them look away from the screen)


AUGHH!! Katie noooooo! I bet Tom picked out that outfit lol (p.s. ummm pedi time?)

Ok well clearly I’m on the fence about the jumpsuit but you might like it and that’s all that matters. So let’s discuss where to buy and how to wear.

This one from Spiegel is on sale for $84 and can easily be worn to work and out later minus the blazer. It also seems to be the trend to belt your jumpsuit to create separation.


 I’m not sure I would wear a jumpsuit to work. But I would definately wear one out. And I actually really loving this one below from Robert Rodriguez.


It’s uber cute and I would pair them with a pair of platforms and some big earrings. Okay, during the writing of this blog I have changed my opinion on jumpsuits, and have fallen in love with the prettier sister of the jumpsuit…the romper! Check out this one below from Rag & Bone! I’m smitten with this! But not the price! $450? Geez I thought the purpose of combining your top and bottom was to save money.


I think the jumpsuit won me over kinda-sorta-maybe-alittle. I’m all for fashion foward thinking and trying new styles, maybe next time I will try one on. Hmmm…I wonder how you use the bathroom in this thing.

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Show Off! – Adare Cartel

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People want to throw me on the runway because I’m so tall, but I love being behind the camera more. First, I wear a size 10.5, so I’m usually walking in shoes that don’t fit (I kno I kno, that definately was a challenge on America’s Next Top Model). Then also, I’m never sure what to do with my face lol. They tell me to look sexy or like I’m seducing someone, but idk I don’t really see myself as sexy at all.

I got to the show location and met the designers, Adare Cartel ( (, they were from NYC. Since I was so tall, they thought I’d be perfect for this MASSIVE dress that they created. This thing was lovely, but so much and had so much detailing. I made my way into the dress and was fitted.



After that I went to make-up. I have to give the artist props (name escapes me) she was on point and the make-up looked great, it was just SOOOO thick! I felt like I had an inch of it on my face, but I guess that’s what it takes to make it look good under all those stage lights.


The show was great and each of Adare Cartel’s dresses was equally amazing! They are such a talented duo and I’m glad that I worked with them. All the ladies in the show were simply beautiful.


I made a few friends from the show and saw a couple of familiar faces. Afterward, I got a message from Adare Cartel asking me to come to NYC to shoot for their brand. Of course I accepted! Hopefully one day I’ll be living in NYC, until then I’m on the $40 round trip greyhound always somehow sitting next to a fat and or smelly person. Such is the life, I suffer for my work! Lol.

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Without a Paddle

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Ok well not really because we had paddles. I met with my sisters and some friends as Annapolis Canoe and Kayak for an adventure on the Chesapeake.

Sidebar: Did you know Annapolis was the capitol of Maryland? Lol don’t look down on me! I guess I forgot. I know you learn all the capitols in elementary but I forgot them. Think fast…what’s the capitol of Maine?? See! Don’t judge.

Anyway we got there and signed a form saying it would be okay if we all died lol. After that, we were fitted for life jackets. Thankfully, mine matched my outfit, just because I’m at sea doesn’t mean I leave my fashion at the dock. Then we got our paddles and headed out.

When we got to the dock, they showed us how to get into the kayaks. You had to do a crab walk and hold on to the paddle. Jess was the first to try and she made it look uber easy. My paddle kept slipping I felt like I was going to fall in. After you got in the kayak, the instructor pushed you off to sea and that was that! It was hard for me at first to stear it and I kept hitting this wall, but eventually I made it out in the open and waited for everyone else to come.

We then paddled far far out into the river (there were a couple of collisions between us). An hour later, I was spent! My arms hurt and I was sweating lol. The water was dirty and all over me. I was so hungry to, I really wish I had packed a cheeseburger or something. We raced around and hung out on the water.

After that first hour, I really just let the current take me where ever. Look how far out we were!

After almost two hours of bicep straining activity, we made our way back. You don’t realize how far you came out until you have to go back (hmmm…the same can almost be said about life!). So we all paddled and paddled and paddled and I pulled in to the first dock I saw which was not the right one. Everyone else made it to the correct spot. The instructor asked me would I mind coming around to the correct dock and my answer was yes I mind lol so I got out and we had to carry my kayak back to the correct dock location.

We then headed to a nice little spot (the name escapes me) for lunch which was surprisingly delicious! I being good and sticking to whatever diet I’m currently on got a goat cheese salad, but I did snag a bite of my sister’s burger. The only problem was that the soda’s were flat! If you follow me on Twitter ( you know that I LOVE my diet coke and my aspartame! What the waiter brought us was like soda juice, nastiness.

After lunch we walked the shops of Annapolis (yes, Maryland’s capitol lol) and all parted ways just before the storm came. This might be lame, but we named ourselves the Adventure Group lol and we have plans to go camping in July, bet you can’t wait for that blog. Adventure Group OUT!

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Shoot me! – SIRS Photography

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I headed out to nowheresland Virginia in monsoon rain to meet photographer Stephanie Reese ( She had given up her day job to chase the dream of being a commercial/fashion photographer. She now does this full time. See, when you want something, you go get it…that simple! Anyway, for the first look, she had this whole clean, GAP type style in mind, a wife beater and some baggy jeans. I got dressed, and she told me that she didn’t want me to wear a bra lol because you could see it through the shirt. Now, I’m definately not well endowed but I was worried that you would be able to see the nips! But I think the shot came out great.


Don’t look to close lol I feel like you can kinda see them.

Next, she wanted a Carrie Bradshaw type Sex and the City type look. I had gotten some pieces from Forever21 (I hate that they don’t let you do returns because I buy a lot of clothes and take them back after shoots). Anyway, these pics turned out great! The one where I look like I’m running took forever because it is harder than it looks to stand on one foot for a long time with 1000 watt flashes blinding my retnas. I kept on falling lol.





So all this from one shoot! I sent them to my agent and go figure, they didn’t really like them! I think they try to put me in to the category of commercial smiley model and not high fashion (remember, I’m not a size zero!). But I like to do more high fashion dressed up shoots, and I feel I can do commercial too! I can do it all!

I had a blast shooting with Stephanie and we made plans to shoot again. This time in Georgetown and with model Monique ( Her and I instantly fell in love lol she is like my white twin! We have exact personality and she was sooo much fun and I told her she was my model soulmate and she agreed that I was hers 🙂

 However, it was raining and FREEZING outside. We got make-up done in the local Starbucks and got dressed and headed out. The theme for this shoot was like a famous fashionista party girl who is always on the scene and always being photographed. I didn’t really get it because I had a confused look on my face lol but here are the shots.



Afterwards we all went to the Cheesecake Factory in Chevy Chase on Wisconsin Ave and ate, we had so much fun together, definately great girls. I went home and woke up with a cold from shooting in the rain, but I suffer for my work! LOL!

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Fashionable Mondays – Pattern MisMatch

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When I was in high school and even in college, I used to match my outfits from head to toe. I’m talking red shirt, red shoes, red belt, red purse, and red accessories. Everything had to match! Which is surprising to me, because my socks never, EVER match.

  june 044

 But now, thank goodness, it’s quite stylish to mix and match your patterns and colors and to bring some variety between your accessories. There are a few guidelines you want to follow. Make sure that you stick to two, maybe three patterns. Any more and you might give someone a headache. Let one pattern be the dominate one. If one pattern has a big print, match it with another pattern with a small print. You don’t have to mix colors of the same family, and you also don’t have to mix prints of the same family, i.e. cheetah with zebra or big polka dots with small polka dots.

 The best way to start is to go through your own closet and pull out your patterns. This is what I was able to come up with.

  june 043

 This shirt and cardigan combo both came from Forever21, the cardigan was about $24 and the shirt was about $15. The floral shirt is the bigger bolder pattern, and the animal print cardigan is the complimenting pattern.




Here’s another I found

june 045



This dress was only $5 from a small shop in Key West, FL! There are actually tons of ways to wrap it, but this was the only way I could figure out lol. Anyway, it’s a perfect example of pattern mixing.





Don’t think too hard on this. You really can just throw stuff together. Let’s look at how the magazines are showing it.

 New PictureNew Picture (1)

New Picture (2)

The last one is pretty bold, but it will definitely get you some attention, and some people love to be talked about.

Here is Rachel Zoe, and we already know she’s up on every trend for the next decade. This military style jacket and horizontal striped shirt is a good example of pattern mixing.

 New Picture (3)

Now, if you can’t find the time (and don’t care to either) mix patterns yourself, you can already buy clothes that have adapted to this style. Check out these celebrities below with there already pattern mismatched outfits.

 New Picture (4)

You like? Me too! Here are some items along the same lines as the dresses above. This chic little number is from Delia’s and it’s only $44.50.

 New Picture (5)

And this sexy little number

New Picture (6)  

By Donna Morgan at $118 (a little steep, but so cute!). Well now, there’s your lesson in pattern mis-matching, and always remember to make the sidewalk your runway!

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Does This Make You Want to Drink Diet Coke? lol

June 12, 2009 at 8:27 pm (My Life My Way) (, )

Photographed by Theresa (

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Disney’s UP! In Dress Form

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So, as an up and coming model I sometimes take odd jobs that aren’t the most glamorous. I saw a posting from a lady named Katie, she owned her own balloon company ( and was sponsored by a balloon manufacturer to make a gigantic dress out of balloons. I remember the ad read something like “need model to be painted and wear balloon dress in stilts” lol, so I made contact and got the job.

When I showed up, Katie took me upstairs to see the dress, it…was…HUGE! It filled the entire room and nearly hit the ceiling.

IMG_0822 (1)-1.jpg

Katie and her boyfriend took me outside to practice wearing stilts, they were two feet high, and felt so wierd to walk in. They had to hold my hands the whole time. I felt like I was going to fall (I have to protect my face it’s my investment lol). I now have a new respect for circus people. After about 20 minutes of that, we went inside for the body painting (done by Katie’s boyfriend, aren’t they quite the creative couple!)


Originally, Katie wanted to fit the dress in the back of her van, but it was just way too massive. So she and her friend ended up walking it to Meridian Hill Park in DC. Imagine a 9-foor-tall dress of balloons walking across the crosswalk, we made quite the spectacle. We got to the park and scouted shooting locations. Once we found a spot, I began to put on the dress.

This in itself was quite tricky. I could get my head and arms in the top, so Katie had to pop some balloons and then readd them once I made it in the dress. I got on the stilts, got the skirt on, and was ready to go. Oh wait, I had a balloon halo as the final touch.


We shot for about 2 hours all around the park, I even walked in this thing in stilts! I surprised myself. We made such a scene, people were stopping and taking pictures. It was quite the publicty stunt and good marketing for Katie and her balloon company. Some people were super curious, but some just walked by like they were too cool to notice, I mean it’s not like you see this type of thing everyday. I even got to take a picture with Flat Stanley (google it).



By the end of the day I was drained. Katie left the balloon dress skirt at the park, it was just too big to carry back. I took the top and kept it in the car to show friends (it made the car smell like rubber). I went home and washed up. The green body paint however did not come off so easy! It was on my skin for 2 more days, I had a greenish hue all over my face.

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Leave Karolina Kurkova and her Booty alone!

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I am mad that people are blasting Karolina Kurkova for having a booty on the runway! What do you think? Okay I know’s she’s not your typical size negative sub-zero model but she is not fat! I think they just caught her in a bad photo. I for one am glad she has meat on her bones. She’s one of the top paid supermodels, and okay, maybe she could have been a bit more toned but that’s no need to call her out and point out all her imperfections.

I think model standards are too thin to begin with. I’m just bias maybe because I’ve been to NYC chasing this supermodel dream and was told I’m too fat, mind you I’m 5’10, 130 pounds. Yes I got my feelings slightly hurt that day at the open call for Ikon Model Management. The owner, Cynthia, tells me stand up, turn around. Then she says “Okay, we like your look, but you’re body isn’t in proportion, your upper-half is a lot smaller than your lower-half” meaning I have an ass, and it’s not even a big one either, but I’m part African-American and it comes with the territory.

Runway measurements for hips are 34″ or smaller, for commercial print, 34″-36″. I’m 37″ (I lie thou and say I’m 36″ lol I’m working on getting there thou!). Some some girls are just naturally skinny, but for those who aren’t, it’s hard to get to those standards! I know girls who just eat lettuce and drink diet coke, that’s no way to live, plus I like MEAT! In fact, if I go to the gym for the next 4 days I’m getting a double cheese burger from Wendy’s…with bacon…and a frosty! Life is too short lol.

If you follow me on twitter ( you know my frustrations with being given size zero clothes to wear, the look on the stylist face as they watch you struggle to get too small jeans over child-bearing hips lol. The problem is designers still make their clothes for runway in sizes 0-2 and that’s the standard size, and that’s not fair! Hopefully, designers in the future will start to take a realistic approach and design clothes for today’s woman. I would be more inclined to buy clothes from that designer. 

I’m going to be the change I want to see in the world (go Ghandi!) and not become a superskinny model, hopefully I’ll be successful…finger’s crossed everyone!

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