Fashionable Mondays – Caged In

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Hey guys! SinceĀ I LOVE fashion, I wanted to start writing a weekly fashion blog entry, what better way is there to start the week? Okay, I figured I’d start with shoes because they are my one true love. And since I wear a size 10.5 (yes it’s a real size contrary to popular belief) I feel morally, spiritually, and biblically obligated to buy any shoe in my size. My favorite shoe brand at the moment is Nine West, not only is their stuff very trendy and up-to-date with what’s in style, it’s reasonably priced from $30-$100.

This is what I got the last time I was there…

Apricot, Take Addl 30% OffSorcerer, Take Addl 30% OffSpecial Delivery

Oh how do I love thee Nine West, poor credit card, never had a chance.

Anyways back to the point! The Yves Saint Laurent cage boot, if your a Bazaar reader like me, these things are everywhere! Also, they were on the “Fashion Show”, the Project Runway stepchild that runs on Bravo. Pricetag, around $1,500. Fashion has no mercy on the economy.

However there’s hope! Check out these…


They are from Baker’s shoe store ( and are only $79.95! They are quite comparable to the YSL, and at only a fraction fraction fraction of the price! You get the same fashion effect, and just like the YSL boots, they also come in different colors.

As far as your outfit, don’t overdue it, these shoes scream a fashion statement. This is how celebs are wearing them…

I think Beyonce in the middle wore them best, simple is always better. I personally would wear it with a black tube mini.

Remember, make the sidewalk your runway!


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