Disney’s UP! In Dress Form

June 12, 2009 at 8:05 pm (Shoot Me) (, , , , , , , )

So, as an up and coming model I sometimes take odd jobs that aren’t the most glamorous. I saw a posting from a lady named Katie, she owned her own balloon company (www.katieballoons.com) and was sponsored by a balloon manufacturer to make a gigantic dress out of balloons. I remember the ad read something like “need model to be painted and wear balloon dress in stilts” lol, so I made contact and got the job.

When I showed up, Katie took me upstairs to see the dress, it…was…HUGE! It filled the entire room and nearly hit the ceiling.

IMG_0822 (1)-1.jpg

Katie and her boyfriend took me outside to practice wearing stilts, they were two feet high, and felt so wierd to walk in. They had to hold my hands the whole time. I felt like I was going to fall (I have to protect my face it’s my investment lol). I now have a new respect for circus people. After about 20 minutes of that, we went inside for the body painting (done by Katie’s boyfriend, aren’t they quite the creative couple!)


Originally, Katie wanted to fit the dress in the back of her van, but it was just way too massive. So she and her friend ended up walking it to Meridian Hill Park in DC. Imagine a 9-foor-tall dress of balloons walking across the crosswalk, we made quite the spectacle. We got to the park and scouted shooting locations. Once we found a spot, I began to put on the dress.

This in itself was quite tricky. I could get my head and arms in the top, so Katie had to pop some balloons and then readd them once I made it in the dress. I got on the stilts, got the skirt on, and was ready to go. Oh wait, I had a balloon halo as the final touch.


We shot for about 2 hours all around the park, I even walked in this thing in stilts! I surprised myself. We made such a scene, people were stopping and taking pictures. It was quite the publicty stunt and good marketing for Katie and her balloon company. Some people were super curious, but some just walked by like they were too cool to notice, I mean it’s not like you see this type of thing everyday. I even got to take a picture with Flat Stanley (google it).



By the end of the day I was drained. Katie left the balloon dress skirt at the park, it was just too big to carry back. I took the top and kept it in the car to show friends (it made the car smell like rubber). I went home and washed up. The green body paint however did not come off so easy! It was on my skin for 2 more days, I had a greenish hue all over my face.


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