Fashionable Mondays – Pattern MisMatch

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When I was in high school and even in college, I used to match my outfits from head to toe. I’m talking red shirt, red shoes, red belt, red purse, and red accessories. Everything had to match! Which is surprising to me, because my socks never, EVER match.

  june 044

 But now, thank goodness, it’s quite stylish to mix and match your patterns and colors and to bring some variety between your accessories. There are a few guidelines you want to follow. Make sure that you stick to two, maybe three patterns. Any more and you might give someone a headache. Let one pattern be the dominate one. If one pattern has a big print, match it with another pattern with a small print. You don’t have to mix colors of the same family, and you also don’t have to mix prints of the same family, i.e. cheetah with zebra or big polka dots with small polka dots.

 The best way to start is to go through your own closet and pull out your patterns. This is what I was able to come up with.

  june 043

 This shirt and cardigan combo both came from Forever21, the cardigan was about $24 and the shirt was about $15. The floral shirt is the bigger bolder pattern, and the animal print cardigan is the complimenting pattern.




Here’s another I found

june 045



This dress was only $5 from a small shop in Key West, FL! There are actually tons of ways to wrap it, but this was the only way I could figure out lol. Anyway, it’s a perfect example of pattern mixing.





Don’t think too hard on this. You really can just throw stuff together. Let’s look at how the magazines are showing it.

 New PictureNew Picture (1)

New Picture (2)

The last one is pretty bold, but it will definitely get you some attention, and some people love to be talked about.

Here is Rachel Zoe, and we already know she’s up on every trend for the next decade. This military style jacket and horizontal striped shirt is a good example of pattern mixing.

 New Picture (3)

Now, if you can’t find the time (and don’t care to either) mix patterns yourself, you can already buy clothes that have adapted to this style. Check out these celebrities below with there already pattern mismatched outfits.

 New Picture (4)

You like? Me too! Here are some items along the same lines as the dresses above. This chic little number is from Delia’s and it’s only $44.50.

 New Picture (5)

And this sexy little number

New Picture (6)  

By Donna Morgan at $118 (a little steep, but so cute!). Well now, there’s your lesson in pattern mis-matching, and always remember to make the sidewalk your runway!


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