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June 18, 2009 at 2:30 pm (Shoot Me) (, , , , , , , , )

I headed out to nowheresland Virginia in monsoon rain to meet photographer Stephanie Reese ( She had given up her day job to chase the dream of being a commercial/fashion photographer. She now does this full time. See, when you want something, you go get it…that simple! Anyway, for the first look, she had this whole clean, GAP type style in mind, a wife beater and some baggy jeans. I got dressed, and she told me that she didn’t want me to wear a bra lol because you could see it through the shirt. Now, I’m definately not well endowed but I was worried that you would be able to see the nips! But I think the shot came out great.


Don’t look to close lol I feel like you can kinda see them.

Next, she wanted a Carrie Bradshaw type Sex and the City type look. I had gotten some pieces from Forever21 (I hate that they don’t let you do returns because I buy a lot of clothes and take them back after shoots). Anyway, these pics turned out great! The one where I look like I’m running took forever because it is harder than it looks to stand on one foot for a long time with 1000 watt flashes blinding my retnas. I kept on falling lol.





So all this from one shoot! I sent them to my agent and go figure, they didn’t really like them! I think they try to put me in to the category of commercial smiley model and not high fashion (remember, I’m not a size zero!). But I like to do more high fashion dressed up shoots, and I feel I can do commercial too! I can do it all!

I had a blast shooting with Stephanie and we made plans to shoot again. This time in Georgetown and with model Monique ( Her and I instantly fell in love lol she is like my white twin! We have exact personality and she was sooo much fun and I told her she was my model soulmate and she agreed that I was hers 🙂

 However, it was raining and FREEZING outside. We got make-up done in the local Starbucks and got dressed and headed out. The theme for this shoot was like a famous fashionista party girl who is always on the scene and always being photographed. I didn’t really get it because I had a confused look on my face lol but here are the shots.



Afterwards we all went to the Cheesecake Factory in Chevy Chase on Wisconsin Ave and ate, we had so much fun together, definately great girls. I went home and woke up with a cold from shooting in the rain, but I suffer for my work! LOL!



  1. Kendall said,

    stunning! I like the black&white skirt one on the green background. Very editorial.

  2. ben_frm_mumuland said,

    Naomi, I just starting following your blog. I like your work, you’re obviously very stylish and a good writer too… I hope some of the big names in the industry take notice. I did not know you had such interesting stuff out there. All the best!

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