Without a Paddle

June 19, 2009 at 1:43 pm (My Life My Way) (, , , , , , , , )

Ok well not really because we had paddles. I met with my sisters and some friends as Annapolis Canoe and Kayak for an adventure on the Chesapeake.

Sidebar: Did you know Annapolis was the capitol of Maryland? Lol don’t look down on me! I guess I forgot. I know you learn all the capitols in elementary but I forgot them. Think fast…what’s the capitol of Maine?? See! Don’t judge.

Anyway we got there and signed a form saying it would be okay if we all died lol. After that, we were fitted for life jackets. Thankfully, mine matched my outfit, just because I’m at sea doesn’t mean I leave my fashion at the dock. Then we got our paddles and headed out.

When we got to the dock, they showed us how to get into the kayaks. You had to do a crab walk and hold on to the paddle. Jess was the first to try and she made it look uber easy. My paddle kept slipping I felt like I was going to fall in. After you got in the kayak, the instructor pushed you off to sea and that was that! It was hard for me at first to stear it and I kept hitting this wall, but eventually I made it out in the open and waited for everyone else to come.

We then paddled far far out into the river (there were a couple of collisions between us). An hour later, I was spent! My arms hurt and I was sweating lol. The water was dirty and all over me. I was so hungry to, I really wish I had packed a cheeseburger or something. We raced around and hung out on the water.

After that first hour, I really just let the current take me where ever. Look how far out we were!

After almost two hours of bicep straining activity, we made our way back. You don’t realize how far you came out until you have to go back (hmmm…the same can almost be said about life!). So we all paddled and paddled and paddled and I pulled in to the first dock I saw which was not the right one. Everyone else made it to the correct spot. The instructor asked me would I mind coming around to the correct dock and my answer was yes I mind lol so I got out and we had to carry my kayak back to the correct dock location.

We then headed to a nice little spot (the name escapes me) for lunch which was surprisingly delicious! I being good and sticking to whatever diet I’m currently on got a goat cheese salad, but I did snag a bite of my sister’s burger. The only problem was that the soda’s were flat! If you follow me on Twitter (twitter.com/naomikeziah) you know that I LOVE my diet coke and my aspartame! What the waiter brought us was like soda juice, nastiness.

After lunch we walked the shops of Annapolis (yes, Maryland’s capitol lol) and all parted ways just before the storm came. This might be lame, but we named ourselves the Adventure Group lol and we have plans to go camping in July, bet you can’t wait for that blog. Adventure Group OUT!



  1. Jessica said,

    PROOF that Ben was letting Liz do all the paddling!!! :oP

  2. ben_frm_mumuland said,

    They say a picture speaks a thousand words but that picture of that poor guy who had to put up with three Sisters Watson for a whole day tells a million lies! His image is forever tarnished, his very being forever scarred by that momentary snapshot of him “letting Liz do all the paddling” as Jessica puts it! Its a conspiracy! Poor fellow will never be able to run for public office!

    Actually, anyone with an understanding of physics will see that he was trying to keep the vessel balanced on the water, a few moments earlier they had almost capsized after hitting a wall. Notice how the paddle is held at an almost zero degree angle to insure equilibrium 🙂

  3. ben_frm_mumuland said,

    Poor me. A momentary snapshot of Ben apparently “letting Liz dd all the paddling” as Jessica put it, during a two hour event is meant to present a very dim view of myself. With my image now eternally ruined, psyche forever scarred and future run for political office totally destroyed and basically abandoned I doubt I will ever recover from all the Jessica-bashing!

    Anyone with an elementary understanding of Physics knows that to keep a light marine vessel like a two person kayak in equilibrium over choppy waters, the person sitting in the back occasionally has to hold their paddle in a straight (zero degree) angle as the captain (seated up front) steers the “ship” to calmer waters :-). Let it be known that it was Jessica, in the role of guardian who gingerly signed our lives away at the kayak place and literally forced us into harm’s way (she’s very convincing!)

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