Fashionable Mondays – Michael Jackson Style For the Ladies

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With the recent passing of our beloved King of Pop, I felt it only right to dedicate this week’s Fashionable Mondays to him. The world is talking about what a great music icon he is, but let’s not overlook the influence he had on the fashion world. Michael Jackson is style, flare, and individuality. Whether you liked it, loved it, or hated it, you we’re taking about it- everything from loafers and socks to tight skinny jeans for men to the infamous glitter glove.




I think that most people, in some way shape or form, have work a little MJ into their wardrobe. Let’s take a look some of his coolest hippest neato (lol i ran out of cool words) outfits and I’ll show you where you can get them!

Okay, outfit numero uno. Early eighties.


I’m liking this outfit, especially the flare of the pants. Let’s look at some different options to cross it over to the female side of things. This skirt, by Moschino, is the perfect play on the above outfit. It’s priced at $295. Don’t worry! The rest of this outfit will be inexpensive lol.


I would pair it with this basic pintucked shirt from Forever21, only $14.80 (see! I told you things would cheapen out). Take a look…


Now, the skirt is high-waisted, so you will be tucking this shirt in for a very tailored look.  Now for the shoes. I know your thinking eww flats?? and a loafer too!!?? No way! lol, but wait! Loafers can be sexy! No really, no kidding. These sexy wedges from Jessica Simpson are a fashionable take on a classic shoe.


Hot right! I’ll leave it up to you weather you want to wear it with socks or not lol…I say no.

Outfit number duece! The sexy, classic, stunning all white suit!! OWWWWwwwwWWwWW!!!!


Let’s look at a few options. The first one comes from Banana Republic, the jacket is $150 and the pants are $79. Tre chic!


Version two is a 3-piece suit from by Calvin Klein. The jacket is similar to the first suit, but the tailoring on the leg is the difference. The above version is a cuffed and creased wide leg, while the below version has more of a tapered leg, meaning your shoes won’t be covered, thus they must be hot (don’t worry, I got you covered).


This suit is $86.99 for all 3 pieces! Go Overstock! Okay, you see how Michael has that little animal-print scarf in the pocket? I thought we could switch that up a little and bring it into our footwear choice. Here’s what I found…

6219-911124-pGuess by Marciano, $210

1396-434063-pStuart Weitzman, $154

6219-760027-pThis last pair, Charles by Charles David, is on sale for $100, and would look great with the tapered leg pant. All three of these shoes come from

Sidebar: Did you know that this piece is part of the latest fashion in France?


I lie to you not!! Afro and everything, look at little Michael.

Okay, and entire Michael Jackson outfit may not be for you, but there are still some classic pieces that you can work into your wardrobe.

First, the skinny black pant! This is a basic item that you can dress up or down. J Brand is one of my favorite pair of jean brands. Look at the pair below…


They are priced at $158. I know, a lot right!! But, I have one pair of J Brand jeans and they are my favorite pair of skinny jeans ever, they fit perfectly and don’t fade in the wash. I did however snag them from Filene’s Basement for only $69.

Next MJ staple is the glitter glove.


You can go all out with this shirt by Chan Luu


Sidebar: check out some of the other clothing on that website, it’s exclusively for emerging designers. If that’s too much  glitter glam for you, try these smaller accenting items from The clutch is $18 and the scarf is $10.


Finally, you can’t be bad and know it without with out the infamous red jacket. It is symbolic to the Michael Jackson icon.


Here’s are some similar styles for the ladies.


This jacket by Timot is $799, it’s real leather, and Italian! Lol still too much I know I know, don’t worry I always provide an affordable version. Here’s one from JC Penny, only $24.99! Oh yeaaaaaaa!


See! Told ya! Okay well I’ve done enough here, I think you can take it from here to incorporate some Michael Jackson style into your wardrobe.

We love you MJ!!!!


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