Fashionable Mondays – How to Wear NEONS

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Okay so you’re not 100% feeling the 1980s glam that has knocked down the door of popular trends for this season. I’m not either. I mean I was anti-leggings ever since I first saw them  (I broke down and brought a pair, they’re iight lol). But people are taking it to the extreme and going all out 80s, it’s like pouring the whole shaker of salt on your meal when you should just sprinkle it, it ruins everything!

One trend of the 80s is neon colors. I’m talking blindingly bright pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues. Willi Smith (NOT Will Smith, from Men in Black lol I know that’s what you were thinking!!) was one of the first designers to work with neon as underpinnings and with ballets skirts for his 1984 collection of Willi Wear, including padded-shouldered suits and quadruple-pleated pants.


The problem is overdose, I don’t want to see any of you doing this.


The way to wear loud neons is to do it quietly, i.e. the flare is in the details. Keep things simple by trying a shocking-pink scarf with a traditional trench coat or pairing bright-blue tights with a tweedy, gray jumper. I’ll walk you through some quick examples. The first is a Quontom neon strappy back dress, at


You see how simple yet stunning this is? Paired with a pair of black heels and you’re done! It’s not overdone and in your face, but you definately notice it. Angelina Jolie understands the concept, see her pictured below with Brad Pitt in this black Georgio Armani Priveé dress.


Although I like the idea, I’m not sure how I feel about the color. It reminds me of the CAUTION tape.

Sidebar: You don’t have to always pair your neons with black. Even thou it’s your safest bet, there are other options. For example, grey with neon pink, or brown with neon green, or white with neon orange. Match items together and see what works best.

Now check out these Alexander McQueen neon flash shoe boots, at

Alexander_McQueen_neon_flash_shoe_boots_at_net-a-portercomAgain, details details details! Less is more when it comes to neons. Rihanna gets what I’m saying. Check her out below…


She wore these $900 Giambattista Valli “Victoria” shoe in black and neon to the opening of the Fendi Paris store. Also notice how she paired it with a black dress, it draws more attention to the neon of the shoe. If you’re not fond of flaming footwear then you can incorporate some neon into other aspects of your wardrobe. Check out these neon detailed accessories.


Rebecca Minkoff Neon Pink Morning After Bag



353628Paul Smith



Or if you’re not wanting to spend money on a trend that might not be around too long (although I think it will, but in small doses), you can always spend a couple bucks on these…


And just remove the polish as soon as you tire of the color. But I must warn you, you will be seeing neon in the upcoming Fall 2009 collections from designers suchs as Marios Schwab, Jil Sander, and Marc Jacobs.


I’m not saying you have to wear a neon-blue furry scarf, but don’t write off the trend just yet 🙂


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Sorry Solange, I’m not feeling it.


Maybe she got offered the part to play young Barack Obama in a movie. Maybe she’s catching on to the trend of bald female celebrities. Like Amber Rose (who I cannot for the life of me figure out why she is a celebrity, other than Kanye’s arm candy).


I’m just trying to figure out if a hair stylist did this to Solange? Or if she had herself a Britney moment.


Man oh man. Hindsight is 20/20.

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The SKINNY on Tyra Banks

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We all remember the model Tyra Banks.


We loved her because she had curves, and when she got more of them as we watched her on the Tyra Show and on America’s Next Top Model, she came under heavy scrutiny from the media. Heck, I even heard someone refer to her as Thigh-ra Banks.

Banks took on tabloids that said she’s gained 40 pounds, a claim she disputes. The tabloids have shown an unflattering photo of Banks walking on the beach in a bathing suit. We all have seen this photo, but here it is again for you under-the-rock dwellers.


She currently weighs 161 pounds, 30 pounds more than she did as a supermodel in the 1990s.  

“1996 was the era of the supermodels. We had Cindy [Crawford], Naomi [Campbell]. They were all size 6s,” says Glamour magazine fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz. “Now you have to be 5 feet 9 inches and a size 0-size 2 in order to fit into the samples.”

See! Isn’t that what I’ve been saying! That they tell me at 5’10 and 130 that I’m just to big to model. It’s the designers and their sample sizes, the designers have to take a stand and start to use more normal sized women and stop making the standard size for their runway lines a 0.

Okay so you also know that Tyra brought this story to her talk show and she turned a positive spin on the situation, encouraging women to be proud of their bodies and love themselves.


Cool right? Let’s proud of our curves. So what Tyra put on some weight after her modeling days. She is still not fat, and she is a healthy-sized woman. So what’s up with this picture of Tyra at the BET awards???


She’s not super-skinny, but she is definately losing weight!! Tyra Banks looked about thirty pounds lighter at the BET Awards show a few weeks ago. It’s been reported that Banks is on a serious diet of natural foods, lean meats and proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and lots of glasses of water.

Sounds healthy. But why the change? Do you think it’s because of the media? I do. They blasted her “fat” photos on the front of all the magazines. You get tired of hearing stuff like that. The media never shuts up. I get tired of people telling me to lose weight.

Can I share with you the advice that a famous photographer (who will go unnamed) told me? He said he knew a girl, and as soon as she walked into the casting she got the job, but when they saw her walk out, she lost it. Clearly he was referencing my ass lol sorry I don’t have the classic pancake booty that these other girls have.

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BRAVO Reality Show for Artists – NYC Casting Call

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A while ago, I send my sister  Jessica ( a link to a casting for a BRAVO reality show for artists. It was created by Sarah Jessica Parker and her Magical Elves production company. 

In the series, 13 contestants will compete for a gallery exhibition, a cash prize and a sponsored national tour. The artists will create works in the fields of sculpture, painting, photography, industrial design and more. Their completed works will be judged by a panel of art world figures including gallerists, collectors, curators, critics and fellow artists. The finalists’ work will be featured in a nationwide museum tour.

She got an email to come to the casting call, of course the closet city to us was NYC, so we both brought Megabus tickets up to the big apple. Somehow we ended up on the same bus even thou I was leaving from DC and she was leaving from Baltimore. We got to Manhattan around 9:30 a.m. and walked the 15 or so blocks to the White Columns building where it was held. I’m not sure why we thought to get there at 10 a.m. when it started, the line wrapped around the block and down the street.

parking 020

Not to mention the HEAT! I mean the sun was allllll up on my neck! We waited in that line for over 4 hours! It slowly crept along and each spot of shade was a blessing, even if only for a second. We also got to see a lot of different art. Now, I know art is subjective, and who am I to trump anyones “masterpiece”, but to be blunt, some of the stuff there was just shitty.

parking 024

I know it’s hard to see this work, but she basically had garbage plastered to a window sill, everything from scrabble pieces to a white out bottle. Don’t get me wrong, some people had great stuff, but they were few and far inbetween.

parking 025

Jessica was numero 519 and we waited in line for her to be interviewed.

Sidebar: Basically on this application you sign away your life! The wording of the disclaimer was clear and blunt, BRAVO could create a personality for you on the show, whether it be fictional or real. That should show you something about reality TV, the editors have all the power!

Finally it was her turn.

parking 029

parking 031

Unfortuantely, my sister Jessica didn’t make it to the next round. She’s just not crazy enough for the show, she wasn’t raised by wild zebras or didn’t paint portraits with her own blood. She is a professional artist; and they needed something for TV.

Kudos to her for taking a chance thou, most people don’t even do that. We caught the train back up to Times Square where our cousin (who apparantly is ballin!) put us up in a lovly hotel right in the middle of everything. We got some lunch at a trendy little restaurant, and then walked the street fair looking for bargains. Along the way, we ran into a celebrity!


Elmo! And for a couple bucks, you could take a picture with him. Hey times are tough, even puppets have a hussle. After that we went for a few more drinks, then Carol dropped us off at train station. She wanted to wait with us until we got on the train, she feared we would get lost! She was right. We ended up in the not so great part of Queens lol.

parking 033

The next day we got breakfast and headed back to the Megabus pick up spot. It was a short trip indeed, but definately fun, and I got to visit the city I love and my future home.

Sidebar: My future home you ask? Yes I plan on moving to NYC in the fall with my modelsoulmate Monica. Here’s a pic of us out on the town.

parking 010

Anyway, that was my weekend. Until next time peoples!

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Shoot Me! – Avoiding Bad Photoshoots

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I was going through all my cds of photoshoots and I came across a special envelope I made that reads “Utterly Useless” on the front. I totally started laughing because I knew exactly what it was. When I first started modeling almost a year ago, I didn’t know how to tell a good photographer/make-up artist from one that was not so great. I was on the grind for photoshoots, I just wanted to do as many as possible so I could get better at posing and angles, so I would often find my self working with a not-so-great team.

Also, I will use this blog entry to provide some advice to anyone out there chasing the same dream I am, so you don’t waste your time with pictures you cannot use. Observe.


Diagnosis: Bad lighting, bad styling, bad make-up, bad photography angles, just bad bad BAD!!! and not bad in the sense of really good. This is just horrible work and I can’t even comment on the wig lol.  Not gonna lie, I kinda look like a prostitute. The make-up is super heavy and just not working at all, especially the multiple eye shadows.  A good way to tell the skill level of a face beater is how they put on eye liner. If it’s straight and clean, it a go! But if it’s crooked, skipping, and they poke you in the eye, it might not turn out that great.

Ways to avoid a mess like this is to see the work of the photographer and make up artist before you agree to shoot with them. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the concept of the shoot, walking in blindly can lead to disaster. If you are working for TFCD (trade/time for cd) then you need to benefit from the shoot as well. For example, if you want to be a commercial model, the styling of the pic above will do you no good. It is unnatural. The photographer you work with should have a varied portfolio with different looks. Pay close attention to the lighting and angles they shot, and also to the retouching details.

Also be leary of any photographer who asks you to meet them in their home, especially if they are a man. Now, some home studios are nice and legit, they have proper lighting equipment and ample space. But others are just someones dining room cleared out for the day. With the proper equipment anywhere can be a studio, but I highly stress with the proper equipment.

Shoot hot women all day? Heck yes some guys will get into photography just because of that. There are some photographers that are just guys with a camera, so be careful, and if you feel uncomfortable, bring an escort to the shoot with you. I had this one photographer who said he wanted to shoot, but he would constantly call me and hold hour long conversations with me that were really just him talking to himself and me saying “uh-huh” every 5 minutes.  Needless to say, we never shot. You have to keep things strictly business.

 Also, don’t be afraid to speak up at a shoot if there is something you don’t like. At one shoot (to be blogged at a later date) I thought the make up was too heavy. I needed a commercial look and it just didn’t look light and clean. Everyone at the shoot, the photographer and even the stylist, said it looked great, so I went along with it. When my agency saw it, they did not like it all! I should’ve went with my gut instinct. Like  I also should’ve done with this picture below.



While I loved working with this photographer, the make up again was way too heavy for my face. The backdrop was a curtain tapped on the wall. Because it was wrinkled, retouching needed to be done, and you can see how the photographer crossed the lines into blurriness. It makes the backgroud look non-existant, like I’m coming out of a brown cloud lol. I could not use this photoshoot in my portfolio as well.

When a shoot is over, inquire about when you will  receive your photos. Every photographer is different. Some will burn you a cd of all the pictures from the shoot right after it’s over. Others will just send you the retouched images. Ideally, you should get them within two weeks. But it’s been two months since I did this shoot and I have yet to see any photos. Everytime I call the photographer she tells me it’s in the mail. SMH!!

Luckily, these were the only two slip ups I had and I learned my lesson very quickly. When you spend all day shooting you want to have pictures you can use in your port, and when it doesn’t come out great, it’s like you waisted your time, and that’s not a great feeling at all. Hopefully by looking at my mistakes (I can laugh at them now) you won’t make the same ones.

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Fashionable Mondays – Split Personality Shoes

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As you may or may not know (if you would like to know you should follow me on twitter -naomikeziah) I took a second job selling fancy lady shoes to save money for a move to NYC in the fall.

So now I’m selling the great creations of Donald Pliner and Cole Haan. I get to see all the shoes when they come in (and sometimes hide that size 10.5) and fall in love.

As I was looking thru the summer Pliners, I saw a shoe that inspired this blog.


It’s a shoe/thong, or what I like to call a combination shoe. No longer is a boot a boot, or a sandle a sandle, shoes, like people, can be more than one thing, and it makes for some interesting combinations.

Here are some of my favorite combination shoes…

313ninewestThis shoe is called Pristine and is from Boutique 9 of NineWest. I LOVE this shoe and just ordered it from for only $58 including tax with free shipping!! I can’t can’t wait to get this in the mail! I had it sent to the office so I can put them on asap! I’ve seen it range from $58 (at Bloomingdales) to $99 ( It’s shoe combo is a thong plus a flat suede boot topped with a sprinkle of gladiator. Lord & Taylor has them for $69.

This next one we just got in for fall at my job and go figure, not in my size. It’s by Calvin Klein and is called Raine.

pl683502-00p01v01It’s a shoe bootie plus a peep-toe sandle. It looks way better in person, I pick this thing up every day when I walk by it. I even tried on the 10, but my toes were edge-jumping, so I sadly put them back in the box.

This one is a gladiator ankle bootie sandle.


It’s from Nine West, I tried it on, but the straps were too loose for my narrow foot. Still cute thou!

Now, something that I’ve noticed about shoes is that things that used to not have a high heel are now getting one. Like slap a 3-inch heel on anything and it’s insta-sexy.

For example, you would think tennis shoes are for running, right? Not according to Michael Kors. He debuted this number for his Spring/Summer 09 collection.


I actually kinda like it, but there will be no running in this shoe.  And there will be no snow-playing in the shoe below.


When you throw a heel on any utilitarian shoe, it instantly loses it’s original purpose and becomes strictly fashion. Can you picture a heel on swim flippers? Or ballet shoes? Oh wait…we can for that one thanks to Beyonce.


But I doubt you will be seeing anyone dancing in these.

I think the trend of combination shoes is great. The rest of our wardrobe is merging together (i.e. the sweater dress or the jumpsuit) so why not our shoes?

Just becareful on which one you pick, a sandle boot in the summer is cute but useless in the winter.

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Fashionable Mondays – What Did Madeline Buy?

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True confessions of a shopoholic, my always stylish coworker Madeline is always getting goodies delivered to the office, so I thought it only right to feature her in this weeks Fashionable Mondays.

This is my coworker Madeline…


Adorable right! Plus she laughs at my jokes so I kinda like her lol. But I swear, it never fails that our secretary is toting some box to her office, and me being nosey (and the office being otherwise boring) am always intrigued to see what did Madeline buy?

So let’s get to it!

Madeline brought #001


This Tory Burch navy jacket with accented buttons was from Rue La La, and exclusive online shopping site. They post high end clothes at sale prices, but you have to get them quick! Because they go fast, this jacket is already gone.

Madeline brought #002 & #003



These items are from Anthropologie, and she brought them for her sister as a birthday present. The shirts come in  other colors as well, and are great casual tops to wear with jeans.

Madeline is buying #004


This fancy belt by Fendi but not at the Fendi price.

Mads (the affectionate nickname I bestowed to her) tells me that she gets a lot of her good deals from Gilt Group, but I must warn you, it’s exclusive. I was even rejected and can compare the feeling to that of trying to get into a hot club but the bouncer puts you on the waiting list, yes, there is a waiting list for the site. But Mads invited me in so now I’m a member, which is good, because I made a bucket list and one of the items on it was to buy a luxious expensive items just for me (I’ll post the bucket list on another blog lol).

Until next time…that’s what Madeline brought!

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Shoot Me – Jeffrey Fasano

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T.H.E. Artist Agency sent me on a last minute job to Arlington, VA to particpate in the Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation Fashion Show. It was a swimwear show, which initially made me scrunch my face because again, I’m no size zero. But the agency told me they specifically requested women with real bodies LOL okay that’s fine.

About the Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation – David Magsumbol and David Hamblin are the founders of the Foundation. They became aware of the needs to be addressed by the Foundation through the business, Clarity CenterRx, a resource center catering to women from pregnancy through cancer. Through offering the resources needed in conjunction with breast cancer, ie. Breast prostheses and post surgical garments, it became evident that many patients were not able to obtain assistance due to lack of funding and needed products (i.e. wigs for breast cancer patients, mastectomy bras, breast cancer support) were partially insured or not at all.

The swimsuits we were modeling were by BellaFigura, their website isn’t up yet, but it’s a unique swimwear company that makes suits for women that have gone thru the changes breast cancer can cause, i.e. losing a breast. There were special pockets for inserts and such. The show went great and I met a lot of fun people, especially Gurvir Dhindsa, the anchor from Fox5! She hosted the show. Check out the pic, geez why do they always put the tallest people in the back??


Another cool person I met was Jeff Fasano, a celebrity photographer, who did our photoshoots before the show. He’s worked with some of the greats and I was excited to shoot with him. I was in need of a natural editorial headshot for my portfolio. This is what we got…



I like them, they are sort of relaxed, peaceful and natural.

Lastly but not leastly (lol word?) I met Alexandra Boos, who is thee top full-figured model around. She works with Ford Modeling Agency and a few others across the nation. She also runs the Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation. I was so glad to meet her and she had the best advice. She thought I had great potential and so did Jeff. Alexandra told me that I need to go to New York, she said that she knows they’ll give me hell about my weight, but I should let my dreams carry me. She’s so positive and I was really inspiried. Her and Jeff gave me agency contacts to reach out to. But first, I have to get to New York 😉

Afterwards I went out with one of the models in the show and then crashed at her apartment, I was tired and had another shoot the next day for an online vintage store, but I’ll save that story for a later blog (plus, I haven’t gotten the pics yet lol).

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