Shoot Me – Jeffrey Fasano

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T.H.E. Artist Agency sent me on a last minute job to Arlington, VA to particpate in the Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation Fashion Show. It was a swimwear show, which initially made me scrunch my face because again, I’m no size zero. But the agency told me they specifically requested women with real bodies LOL okay that’s fine.

About the Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation – David Magsumbol and David Hamblin are the founders of the Foundation. They became aware of the needs to be addressed by the Foundation through the business, Clarity CenterRx, a resource center catering to women from pregnancy through cancer. Through offering the resources needed in conjunction with breast cancer, ie. Breast prostheses and post surgical garments, it became evident that many patients were not able to obtain assistance due to lack of funding and needed products (i.e. wigs for breast cancer patients, mastectomy bras, breast cancer support) were partially insured or not at all.

The swimsuits we were modeling were by BellaFigura, their website isn’t up yet, but it’s a unique swimwear company that makes suits for women that have gone thru the changes breast cancer can cause, i.e. losing a breast. There were special pockets for inserts and such. The show went great and I met a lot of fun people, especially Gurvir Dhindsa, the anchor from Fox5! She hosted the show. Check out the pic, geez why do they always put the tallest people in the back??


Another cool person I met was Jeff Fasano, a celebrity photographer, who did our photoshoots before the show. He’s worked with some of the greats and I was excited to shoot with him. I was in need of a natural editorial headshot for my portfolio. This is what we got…



I like them, they are sort of relaxed, peaceful and natural.

Lastly but not leastly (lol word?) I met Alexandra Boos, who is thee top full-figured model around. She works with Ford Modeling Agency and a few others across the nation. She also runs the Clarity Breast Cancer Foundation. I was so glad to meet her and she had the best advice. She thought I had great potential and so did Jeff. Alexandra told me that I need to go to New York, she said that she knows they’ll give me hell about my weight, but I should let my dreams carry me. She’s so positive and I was really inspiried. Her and Jeff gave me agency contacts to reach out to. But first, I have to get to New York 😉

Afterwards I went out with one of the models in the show and then crashed at her apartment, I was tired and had another shoot the next day for an online vintage store, but I’ll save that story for a later blog (plus, I haven’t gotten the pics yet lol).


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