Fashionable Mondays – What Did Madeline Buy?

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True confessions of a shopoholic, my always stylish coworker Madeline is always getting goodies delivered to the office, so I thought it only right to feature her in this weeks Fashionable Mondays.

This is my coworker Madeline…


Adorable right! Plus she laughs at my jokes so I kinda like her lol. But I swear, it never fails that our secretary is toting some box to her office, and me being nosey (and the office being otherwise boring) am always intrigued to see what did Madeline buy?

So let’s get to it!

Madeline brought #001


This Tory Burch navy jacket with accented buttons was from Rue La La, and exclusive online shopping site. They post high end clothes at sale prices, but you have to get them quick! Because they go fast, this jacket is already gone.

Madeline brought #002 & #003



These items are from Anthropologie, and she brought them for her sister as a birthday present. The shirts come in  other colors as well, and are great casual tops to wear with jeans.

Madeline is buying #004


This fancy belt by Fendi but not at the Fendi price.

Mads (the affectionate nickname I bestowed to her) tells me that she gets a lot of her good deals from Gilt Group, but I must warn you, it’s exclusive. I was even rejected and can compare the feeling to that of trying to get into a hot club but the bouncer puts you on the waiting list, yes, there is a waiting list for the site. But Mads invited me in so now I’m a member, which is good, because I made a bucket list and one of the items on it was to buy a luxious expensive items just for me (I’ll post the bucket list on another blog lol).

Until next time…that’s what Madeline brought!


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  1. Jessica said,

    I love this article. I especially like the Tory Burch navy jacket. Your girl has good taste!

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