BRAVO Reality Show for Artists – NYC Casting Call

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A while ago, I send my sister  Jessica ( a link to a casting for a BRAVO reality show for artists. It was created by Sarah Jessica Parker and her Magical Elves production company. 

In the series, 13 contestants will compete for a gallery exhibition, a cash prize and a sponsored national tour. The artists will create works in the fields of sculpture, painting, photography, industrial design and more. Their completed works will be judged by a panel of art world figures including¬†gallerists, collectors, curators, critics and fellow artists. The finalists’ work will be featured in a nationwide museum tour.

She got an email to come to the casting call, of course the closet city to us was NYC, so we both brought Megabus tickets up to the big apple. Somehow we ended up on the same bus even thou I was leaving from DC and she was leaving from Baltimore. We got to Manhattan around 9:30 a.m. and walked the 15 or so blocks to the White Columns building where it was held. I’m not sure why we thought to get there at 10 a.m. when it started, the line wrapped around the block and down the street.

parking 020

Not to mention the HEAT! I mean the sun was allllll up on my neck! We waited in that line for over 4 hours! It slowly crept along and each spot of shade was a blessing, even if only for a second. We also got to see a lot of different art. Now, I know art is subjective, and who am I to trump anyones “masterpiece”, but to be blunt, some of the stuff there was just shitty.

parking 024

I know it’s hard to see this work, but she basically had garbage plastered to a window sill, everything from scrabble pieces to a white out bottle. Don’t get me wrong, some people had great stuff, but they were few and far inbetween.

parking 025

Jessica was numero 519 and we waited in line for her to be interviewed.

Sidebar: Basically on this application you sign away your life! The wording of the disclaimer was clear and blunt, BRAVO could create a personality for you on the show, whether it be fictional or real. That should show you something about reality TV, the editors have all the power!

Finally it was her turn.

parking 029

parking 031

Unfortuantely, my sister Jessica didn’t make it to the next round. She’s just not crazy enough for the show, she wasn’t raised by wild zebras or didn’t paint portraits with her own blood. She is a professional artist; and they needed something for TV.

Kudos to her for taking a chance thou, most people don’t even do that. We caught the train back up to Times Square where our cousin (who apparantly is ballin!) put us up in a lovly hotel right in the middle of everything. We got some lunch at a trendy little restaurant, and then walked the street fair looking for bargains. Along the way, we ran into a celebrity!


Elmo! And for a couple bucks, you could take a picture with him. Hey times are tough, even puppets have a hussle. After that we went for a few more drinks, then Carol dropped us off at train station. She wanted to wait with us until we got on the train, she feared we would get lost! She was right. We ended up in the not so great part of Queens lol.

parking 033

The next day we got breakfast and headed back to the Megabus pick up spot. It was a short trip indeed, but definately fun, and I got to visit the city I love and my future home.

Sidebar: My future home you ask? Yes I plan on moving to NYC in the fall with my modelsoulmate Monica. Here’s a pic of us out on the town.

parking 010

Anyway, that was my weekend. Until next time peoples!


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