The SKINNY on Tyra Banks

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We all remember the model Tyra Banks.


We loved her because she had curves, and when she got more of them as we watched her on the Tyra Show and on America’s Next Top Model, she came under heavy scrutiny from the media. Heck, I even heard someone refer to her as Thigh-ra Banks.

Banks took on tabloids that said she’s gained 40 pounds, a claim she disputes. The tabloids have shown an unflattering photo of Banks walking on the beach in a bathing suit. We all have seen this photo, but here it is again for you under-the-rock dwellers.


She currently weighs 161 pounds, 30 pounds more than she did as a supermodel in the 1990s.  

“1996 was the era of the supermodels. We had Cindy [Crawford], Naomi [Campbell]. They were all size 6s,” says Glamour magazine fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz. “Now you have to be 5 feet 9 inches and a size 0-size 2 in order to fit into the samples.”

See! Isn’t that what I’ve been saying! That they tell me at 5’10 and 130 that I’m just to big to model. It’s the designers and their sample sizes, the designers have to take a stand and start to use more normal sized women and stop making the standard size for their runway lines a 0.

Okay so you also know that Tyra brought this story to her talk show and she turned a positive spin on the situation, encouraging women to be proud of their bodies and love themselves.


Cool right? Let’s proud of our curves. So what Tyra put on some weight after her modeling days. She is still not fat, and she is a healthy-sized woman. So what’s up with this picture of Tyra at the BET awards???


She’s not super-skinny, but she is definately losing weight!! Tyra Banks looked about thirty pounds lighter at the BET Awards show a few weeks ago. It’s been reported that Banks is on a serious diet of natural foods, lean meats and proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and lots of glasses of water.

Sounds healthy. But why the change? Do you think it’s because of the media? I do. They blasted her “fat” photos on the front of all the magazines. You get tired of hearing stuff like that. The media never shuts up. I get tired of people telling me to lose weight.

Can I share with you the advice that a famous photographer (who will go unnamed) told me? He said he knew a girl, and as soon as she walked into the casting she got the job, but when they saw her walk out, she lost it. Clearly he was referencing my ass lol sorry I don’t have the classic pancake booty that these other girls have.


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