Fashionable Mondays – How to Wear NEONS

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Okay so you’re not 100% feeling the 1980s glam that has knocked down the door of popular trends for this season. I’m not either. I mean I was anti-leggings ever since I first saw them  (I broke down and brought a pair, they’re iight lol). But people are taking it to the extreme and going all out 80s, it’s like pouring the whole shaker of salt on your meal when you should just sprinkle it, it ruins everything!

One trend of the 80s is neon colors. I’m talking blindingly bright pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues. Willi Smith (NOT Will Smith, from Men in Black lol I know that’s what you were thinking!!) was one of the first designers to work with neon as underpinnings and with ballets skirts for his 1984 collection of Willi Wear, including padded-shouldered suits and quadruple-pleated pants.


The problem is overdose, I don’t want to see any of you doing this.


The way to wear loud neons is to do it quietly, i.e. the flare is in the details. Keep things simple by trying a shocking-pink scarf with a traditional trench coat or pairing bright-blue tights with a tweedy, gray jumper. I’ll walk you through some quick examples. The first is a Quontom neon strappy back dress, at


You see how simple yet stunning this is? Paired with a pair of black heels and you’re done! It’s not overdone and in your face, but you definately notice it. Angelina Jolie understands the concept, see her pictured below with Brad Pitt in this black Georgio Armani Priveé dress.


Although I like the idea, I’m not sure how I feel about the color. It reminds me of the CAUTION tape.

Sidebar: You don’t have to always pair your neons with black. Even thou it’s your safest bet, there are other options. For example, grey with neon pink, or brown with neon green, or white with neon orange. Match items together and see what works best.

Now check out these Alexander McQueen neon flash shoe boots, at

Alexander_McQueen_neon_flash_shoe_boots_at_net-a-portercomAgain, details details details! Less is more when it comes to neons. Rihanna gets what I’m saying. Check her out below…


She wore these $900 Giambattista Valli “Victoria” shoe in black and neon to the opening of the Fendi Paris store. Also notice how she paired it with a black dress, it draws more attention to the neon of the shoe. If you’re not fond of flaming footwear then you can incorporate some neon into other aspects of your wardrobe. Check out these neon detailed accessories.


Rebecca Minkoff Neon Pink Morning After Bag



353628Paul Smith



Or if you’re not wanting to spend money on a trend that might not be around too long (although I think it will, but in small doses), you can always spend a couple bucks on these…


And just remove the polish as soon as you tire of the color. But I must warn you, you will be seeing neon in the upcoming Fall 2009 collections from designers suchs as Marios Schwab, Jil Sander, and Marc Jacobs.


I’m not saying you have to wear a neon-blue furry scarf, but don’t write off the trend just yet 🙂



  1. Jessica said,

    Yes you are right, just a splash, no overdose must wear all neon colors! Great article! Love it! :o)

  2. Madeline said,

    Angie can do no wrong!!

  3. Will Lewis said,

    So does that mean I shouldn’t wear my neon green tuxedo to the banquet tonight?

  4. Phen375 said,

    Great colors, love them!

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