Dimmed City Lights…For Now

August 18, 2009 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, so if you have been following me on twitter (naomikeziah), you probably saw tons of tweets about me selling all my stuff and moving to NYC. Originally, I had planned to go in November when my lease was up. Day by day I was getting more and more frustrated with my life and current situation, I felt like I couldn’t go on! So I decided to just go.

The first problem with that was my apartment. I’m in a lease trap until the end of November and I saw no way out. I was leary of subletting, because that’s also against my lease agreement. I didn’t want bad lease ghosts lurking on my credit report. So I decided to find someone to just “watch” my apartment (and pay rent). Maybe if the landlord asked, I would say I’m on vacation or something and the person in the apartment is my cousin and they’re just there to water my fake plants. I don’t know, the plan was kind of sketchy and rushed to begin with,  I’ll admit that.

So I sold almost everything on craigslist except my sleeper sofa, tv, and some other living necessities. I even found a subletter! Monica and I (see pic!)

august 023

had planned to go to NYC to look at apartments. So as soon as I found a subletter, I told Monica, and she quit her job! She was excited, so was I! The week before, I had quit my part-time job at Lord & Taylor. I hated selling shoes and to be honest spent a lot of time in the stock room trying on my favorites.

So I found the subletter on a Saturday and Monica and I had apartments lined up to see on Sunday and Monday. BUT Saturday night while I was out networking at a fashion show (will blog about later), I got this LONG essay of an email from my subletter saying they wanted to opt out of the deal. Basically, they thought I was trying to scam them because I asked them to pay all or most of the sublet stay upfront. Understandable! I could totally see how that would sound like a scam. But they also have to see it from my side, they could move in and move out and not tell me, then I’d be stuck paying rent in two cities! Anyway, they aren’t subletting anymore.

So I called Monica and we had to put everything on hold, because my apartment was the last herdle we had to jump, and we thought we did! Not the case, back to the starting line. Does anyone know how to get out of a lease? Ugh I hate that my apartment is holding us back, but I want my security deposit back and I don’t want them to mess up my credit report.

So I spent most of my Sunday and Monday BUMMMMMMMED about the way things turned out. I was looking for someone to jump in with tons of encouragement, and I’m glad I have positive people in my life who support me.

Well when am I going to move to NYC???!! I want to know too! It’s looking like the date is back to where it originally was, in November. I kinda feel like a slight innsie winsiee bit of failure on my part. I set certain goal and spoke certain things and was upset when they didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I’m a big beliver of speaking things you want to happen into existence. BUT then on the other hand, I know that the universe has to be in agreement, and maybe I was trying to jump the gun and the planet was like “fall back honey, wait a while.” So now I’m just trying to regroup and reenergize and press forward full speed! I am going to NYC!!!

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Fashionable Mondays – Champagne Girl on a Beer Budget

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Haha I got that line from my friend Heather M. She understands that while we might want the finer things, we can’t break the bank just to get them.

So this week I’m going to share some of the best sites to get discount designer clothes from. And if you’re like me, you’ll be checking these out at work lol.

First site is www.theoutnet.com. They have flash sales with items up to 80% off retail! Their list of designers is endless. Some of the pieces I’m watching are

Dot-print teadress by Marc by Marc JacobsMarc by Marc Jacons: $358 on sale for $107!

Maydie T-shirt  by Marc by Marc JacobsMarc by Marc Jacobs: $138 on sale for $41!

Silk head scarf by Juicy CoutureJuicy Couture: $65 now on sale for $32!

Lace-embellished waistcoat by Natasha Natasha: $305 on sale for $92!

These are just a few of the items I like from this site, there are tons tons more.

Now, the next two sites are a bit exclusive, but if you want in, just post your email in the comments section and I will be sure to send you an invite. Otherwise there is a wait list, and no one wants to wait to shop!

Welcome to Gilt Groupe (www.gilt.com). This site has flash sales for a couple of days for a handfull of designers at a time. You get an email notification when the sale is coming up, and another when it’s time to shop! But I must warn you things go fast! So don’t let items sit in your shopping cart for too long or they’ll get snatched for sure, and then you will have to be put on the wait list for the next shipment.

Check these out!

Alice Ritter $475 on sale for $128


Skirt $350 on sale for $98


Likey?! Me too! Okay last site that I came across was www.RueLaLa.com, this site has boutique flash sales, and like Gilt Group, it’s exclusive. So if you want me to invite you, just leave a comment with your email addy.

Now, they don’t have any sales now that I like, so I couldn’t post some fav pieces. BUT, upcoming sales include BCBG MaxMara (Sidebar: Did you know Miley Cirus is going to create a fashion line with BCBG? Ewww), Lucky Brand, and Laundry by Shelli Segal. So if you want to participate in these private sales, make sure to get me your email so I can invite you!

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Rest in Fashionable Peace – Naomi Sims

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Before Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford, before Janice Dickenson even thought of claiming the term “supermodel” there was Naomi Sims, and she passed away yesterday at 61.


Ms. Sims is sometimes referred to as the first black supermodel.

“Naomi was the first,” the designer Halston told The New York Times in 1974. “She was the great ambassador for all black people. She broke down all the social barriers.”

When Ms. Sims arrived in New York on a scholarship to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1966, there was very little interest in fashion for black models and only a handful who had been successful, like Dorothea Towles Church, who starred in the couture shows in 1950s Paris, and Donyale Luna, who was named Vogue’s model of the year in 1966.

In need of money, Ms. Sims, with her heart-shaped face and long limbs, was encouraged by classmates and counselors to give it a try. But every agency she approached turned her down, some telling her that her skin was too dark. Ms. Sims then told Wilhelmina Cooper, a former model who was starting her own agency, that she would send out copies of the magazine to advertising agencies with Ms. Cooper’s number attached. Ms. Cooper could have a commission if anyone called back.

Within a year, Ms. Sims was earning $1,000 a week and had been hired for a national television campaign for AT&T.

But Ms. Sims, in interviews, often said she held the industry in low regard because of the way male executives treated her and, more generally, she said, “because people have the idea that models are stupid.”

After five years, she gave up modeling and started a wig-making business with styles designed for black women. It eventually expanded into a multimillion-dollar beauty empire and at least five books on modeling and beauty.

“There is nothing sadder than an old, broke model, and there are many models who have nothing at the end of their career,” Ms. Sims told The Times in 1969.

(Text taken from Naomi Sims, 61, Pioneering Cover Girl, Is Dead, Eric Wilson)

LOL I love that last line! Nothing sadder than an old, broke model! 61 is so young! It definately reinforces the point that life is sooo short! What an inspiration to me and all aspiring models.








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Fashionable Mondays – What a Stud!

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Oh if only I was talking about a man,  no I’m talking about fall trends. I already gave you the glow-down (like low-down?) on neons (glow because neons are bright, get it?? lol geez I tried). Another key trend that you are going to see popping up for fall is studs. That’s right there back and are not just for punky biker guys.


I usually do the pricy items first, but let’s start with the chic affordable items.

Top row from left to right: Topshop Chunky Studded Bracelet Pack, $30; Shih by Stephanie Lin “Diego Toto” Studded Wallet, $99 at Bluefly; Wet Seal Back Stud Booties, $36.50. Center row: Steven by Steve Madden “Stardom” Studded Skimmers, $77-129 at Bloomingdale’s; Guess Skinny Leather Belt with Metal Studs, $42. Bottom row: Express Studded Wristlet, $22.50; Urban Outfitters Studded Leather Bracelet, $28; Linea Pelle Stackable Skinny Cuff with Gold Domed Studs, $25 at Singer22.
If you follow me on twitter (what? you don’t? well you should!! naomikeziah…find me!) then you saw that last week I twitted that studs would be in for fall, and then linked you to this lovely Tory Burch number.

Love this! It’s $595 from www.toryburch.com. My favorite studded pair of shoes you ask?? The love of my life lies in the soles of these Jimmy Choos.


If you don’t love these studded Jimmy Choo shoes we can’t be friends anymore! You would turn all heads walking away in these!

Now, confession time! I don’t own anything studded!! (GASP!!) I know I knowwwwww but I’m headed out to Georgetown today so I’ll update the post if I find anything. I’m not supposed to be spending money because I’m moving to NYC in the fall! But if I find something chic for cheap, then I’ll have to give into temptation.

Now, even thou studs are in for Fall 2009, I’m not sure how long the trend will hold. But you should still hold on to them, fashion recycles. I could kick myself for throwing out all my animal prints 5 years ago.

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Beauty Night Out in Washington DC

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I get a call from Aidah, a designer from California, asking me to model some of her designs at an event called Beauty Night Out. It took place last Wednesday, July 22 from 5-10 p.m. I arrived early to the Beacon Hotel in NW DC. While waiting for Aidah to arrive, I met a few of the other models and checked out the scene.

There were boutiques there selling clothes, a makeover table, an area to get your hair done, even a spot to get a quick mani! Of course there were drinks and appetizers.

august 001

august 002

august 004

Aidah Collection is a creatively chic line inspired by natural elements. Each garment is handmade to order and adorned in hand brushed design, making every piece truly one of a kind. The effortless style reflects the versatility of every busy woman and can be dressed up or down with timeless appeal. I put on my first outfit, a turtleneck and some high-waisted pants. It fit perfectly and the pants were actually long enough!! The garments all had hand-painted details, which made it very unique.

august 007a

This pic is of me and another model. We stood outside the doors of the event and handed out giftbags to attendees. Igot to meet a lot of nice people, my favorite was Zima, the president of Emperor’s Brand Vodka. She thought I was adorable and had a great personality, she insisted I belonged in NYC (I agree!). She told me that if I wanted, I could do some promotional modeling for her! There was one outfit change and we finished passing out the bags.

august 010a

Once everyone left, we got to pick thru the remaining bags and take what we wanted, I think I snagged a  CoverGirl lipgloss in every color. I hugged all the models bye and headed back to the metro to go home. It was a great night indeed! And what girl doesn’t like free drinks and lip gloss.

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