Beauty Night Out in Washington DC

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I get a call from Aidah, a designer from California, asking me to model some of her designs at an event called Beauty Night Out. It took place last Wednesday, July 22 from 5-10 p.m. I arrived early to the Beacon Hotel in NW DC. While waiting for Aidah to arrive, I met a few of the other models and checked out the scene.

There were boutiques there selling clothes, a makeover table, an area to get your hair done, even a spot to get a quick mani! Of course there were drinks and appetizers.

august 001

august 002

august 004

Aidah Collection is a creatively chic line inspired by natural elements. Each garment is handmade to order and adorned in hand brushed design, making every piece truly one of a kind. The effortless style reflects the versatility of every busy woman and can be dressed up or down with timeless appeal. I put on my first outfit, a turtleneck and some high-waisted pants. It fit perfectly and the pants were actually long enough!! The garments all had hand-painted details, which made it very unique.

august 007a

This pic is of me and another model. We stood outside the doors of the event and handed out giftbags to attendees. Igot to meet a lot of nice people, my favorite was Zima, the president of Emperor’s Brand Vodka. She thought I was adorable and had a great personality, she insisted I belonged in NYC (I agree!). She told me that if I wanted, I could do some promotional modeling for her! There was one outfit change and we finished passing out the bags.

august 010a

Once everyone left, we got to pick thru the remaining bags and take what we wanted, I think I snagged a  CoverGirl lipgloss in every color. I hugged all the models bye and headed back to the metro to go home. It was a great night indeed! And what girl doesn’t like free drinks and lip gloss.


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