Fashionable Mondays – What a Stud!

August 3, 2009 at 5:15 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )


Oh if only I was talking about a man,  no I’m talking about fall trends. I already gave you the glow-down (like low-down?) on neons (glow because neons are bright, get it?? lol geez I tried). Another key trend that you are going to see popping up for fall is studs. That’s right there back and are not just for punky biker guys.


I usually do the pricy items first, but let’s start with the chic affordable items.

Top row from left to right: Topshop Chunky Studded Bracelet Pack, $30; Shih by Stephanie Lin “Diego Toto” Studded Wallet, $99 at Bluefly; Wet Seal Back Stud Booties, $36.50. Center row: Steven by Steve Madden “Stardom” Studded Skimmers, $77-129 at Bloomingdale’s; Guess Skinny Leather Belt with Metal Studs, $42. Bottom row: Express Studded Wristlet, $22.50; Urban Outfitters Studded Leather Bracelet, $28; Linea Pelle Stackable Skinny Cuff with Gold Domed Studs, $25 at Singer22.
If you follow me on twitter (what? you don’t? well you should!! naomikeziah…find me!) then you saw that last week I twitted that studs would be in for fall, and then linked you to this lovely Tory Burch number.

Love this! It’s $595 from My favorite studded pair of shoes you ask?? The love of my life lies in the soles of these Jimmy Choos.


If you don’t love these studded Jimmy Choo shoes we can’t be friends anymore! You would turn all heads walking away in these!

Now, confession time! I don’t own anything studded!! (GASP!!) I know I knowwwwww but I’m headed out to Georgetown today so I’ll update the post if I find anything. I’m not supposed to be spending money because I’m moving to NYC in the fall! But if I find something chic for cheap, then I’ll have to give into temptation.

Now, even thou studs are in for Fall 2009, I’m not sure how long the trend will hold. But you should still hold on to them, fashion recycles. I could kick myself for throwing out all my animal prints 5 years ago.



  1. Ashleigh R said,

    I love this webite you have going on!!! KUDOS 2 YOU!!

  2. Jessica said,

    Soooo, did you find anything “studded” in Georgetown?

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