Shoot Me! – David Butterman

September 1, 2009 at 1:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Actually, this was my first official shoot and what started it all. I found David Butterman through my agency, T.H.E. Artist Agency in Georgetown, DC. We set up the shoot for the end of February.

Sidebar: Deciding to go for it all in modeling was my New Year’s Resolution. I had tried out for America’s Next Top Model in August of 2008. After making it to the next round, but then getting lost in the clutter, I started to think if this was something I could really do in real life. So over the next few months I just continued to think about it, then when January came around, I decided it’s all or nothing. So it’s ALL!

Anyway, so the shoot was going to take place at a diner in Towson, Maryland. It was across from Towson Town Center mall off York Rd. I met him bright and early (and snowing) that morning.

There was no stylist for the shoot, so I had to do the shopping myself. After we put together some outfits, I got my make-up done by JennQuinn from the Stylista Agency. T.H.E. Artist Agency had told me to have a clean natural look, but I didn’t think that the make-up artist got it right. It threw me off a little because I was expecting one thing, and I looked in the mirror and it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

Anyway, my hair was done by Khalil Oliver of the same agency, and that looked great. I got into my first look and we began shooting. Here is the results.

David was a great photographer! He did his best to make me feel comfortable.  Even though I loved him, after my agency got the pics, they weren’t pleased at all 😦 They thought the make-up artist didn’t know how to apply natural looking make-up to African American skin. I was upset because I paid money for this shoot! And I wanted it to be perfect because I thought it was going to set the tone for my whole career. I put so much pressure on myself. The night before, I had cut out poses from magazines that I was going to do. I think I put too much pressure on myself and made myself nervous.

In the end, T.H.E. Artist Agency asked me to redo the shoot with David Butterman (at no cost to me).

Also, I’ll tell you the advice he gave me and you can take from it what you may. He told me the story of a girl, who as soon as she walked in a casting, she got the part. As they saw her walk out, she lost it (i.e. booty troubles).

So there you have it, that was my first ever photoshoot. I won’t say it was great (only because the agency wasn’t thrilled by the results) but it was definately a learning experience. I learned to speak up about my concerns at a shoot if I think a look isn’t inline with what I’m going for. I also learned not to put pressure on myself, you should be relaxed and content when shooting. Every emotion, even fear and overthinking, show up on the camera.


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  1. Jessica said,

    This is a great article. It really gives the behind the scene, insider’s scoop as to what goes through the mind of a model when she’s doing a photo shoot. Thanks for sharing!

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