It is Hammertime? No, just Harlem Pants.

September 9, 2009 at 2:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay now, I think it’s time I accepted that Harlem pants are here. I was anti-leggings and they haven’t gone anywhere, so I can only guess that these pants are going to be around.

How to spot a Harlem pant? Well it’s just a loose fitting pant that is flowing, often tapered at the end. These pants can be tre chic depending on how you wear them. I would automatically pair them with a tight fitting top/jacket/vest and definately some high heels.

Seen here on the runway of Ralph Lauren and YSL…

And seen here on celebs…

Okay I can’t do it they look silly!!! Rihanna’s are kinda chic, but it’s not the full on flowy pant shape. It’s like wearing a trashbag. The only other decently cute pair I could find were these…

Cynthia Rowley Black Silk Blend Harlem Pant: online bargain shopping from

Cynthia Rowley Black Silk Blend Harlem Pant for $99. And they are only cute because they are not super loose.

I’m not on board for this trend. I know Harlem pants have been around for a while now but I think they are going to get popular. What do you think? Would you wear them?



  1. Sally said,

    Ok… so I totally thought of you when I was in Europe and even snapped a couple pics of the girls there. Hammer pants are EVERYWHERE in Europe!! There is def no escaping them, and you’re right, done well they can be super cute but for the most part I find that they are super unflattering to the body, especially the booty which just ends up looking like there’s a soggy diaper in there! So get ready NK, just cause you’re saying “Can’t touch this” doesn’t mean everyone else will be in the US by next summer 🙂

  2. Jessica said,

    Ha ha let’s see if you break down and buy a pair of Hammer time paints in the new year! They’re all the rave overseas!

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