Check the New MAC Style Black Collection

September 28, 2009 at 11:05 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

I headed down to Friendship Heights (Chevy Chase) DC for the premiere of the new Style Black collection by MAC. Yes, Goth is in and it’s sexy. From ’80s Sprouse-in-the-House kohl and fringe to London New Goth, going back to black changes the mood, deepens the drama. Eyeliner, beehives and beyond, this is a celebration of going madly, deliriously noir. Don’t wait ’til midnight!


I arrived at the store around 6:30 for my “compliementary” makeover. There was a line! Hmph! But, it was so worth the wait. I found a make-up artist (he’s going to kill me, I forgot his name, it’s on the card he gave me at home, I think it was J) and got in the chair. Isn’t he fab!

mac 002

I’m always nervous to get my make up done, and I wasn’t sure how well I could pull of the dark eye and dark lip look. But, J made it happen, and the results were so seductive. This is the before 🙂

mac 003

And here is the after!

mac 004

How am I supposed to kiss with these lips lol, I guess they’re just for watching ;). Being on that starving model artist budget, I couldn’t afford to get everything I wanted. The lady getting made over next to me swore she was going to buy the whole line!

mac 001

But, I could only manage to snag the lip gloss (I actually wore it out that very night! I won’t be sharing this gloss with my friends thou! Get your own).

Here are some other products from the line.


I got the purple lip gloss on the left. It doesn’t look purple when you put it on thou, trust me it’s sexy. Check out the new MAC Style Black Collection and other fabulous MAC products here.


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