Fall 2009 with Aidah

October 6, 2009 at 2:35 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

What a better way to bring in the new season than in some chic new designs by Aidah, one of my new favorite designers who hails all the way from California.

We met to get our hair and make up done, then headed over to Midtown (close to 18th and M in NWDC) for the fashion show. The place was very nice, and they had the models set up in the VIP area where the champagne was flowing. After we all got dress, did a walk thru, and sipped bubbly, the show started.

When the show was over, I had one more glass and headed out the door (I wanted to get an empanana from Julia’s). But as soon as I was leaving, I spoted Paul Wharton! He is a TV personality, and has been on MTV’s Made as a model coach. He also hosts alot of the ANTM auditions, and has his own agency in DC called Evolution Look. Of course I had to meet him! I went and said hello and he said he remembered me from the auditions (I was beyond flattered).

I also had to ask him for hair advice, his hair is always fabulous! Here he is again with designer Aidah.

All in all, the night was great.


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  1. Jessica said,

    who’s the guy model in your pictures? HOTNESS 🙂

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