Paul Wharton’s Birthday Celebration hosted by Michaele Salahi & Mary Barth

October 14, 2009 at 1:23 pm (Uncategorized) ()


I was reading through my emails when I came across this invitation to Paul Wharton’s birthday party at the Park in DC at 14th and K St.

Of course I wanted to go, I first met Paul when I auditioned for America’s Next Top Model, then again at a fashion show for designer Aidah.

Paul also has a modeling agency in DC called Evolution Look.

I quickly sent the email to my model soul mate Monica and we decided we were so there! We got to Park around 10 p.m. Monica works there, so we never have to wait in line, and this was no different, it made us feel all VIP status.

The crowd was upscale and chic. We headed to the bar and started on champagne and rasberry martinis (also on the house!). Paul was upstairs on a private floor having a private dinner. Downstairs, there was no music, so everyone was just mingling. There were some very attractive men and women there, a lot of them had the look of a model, and I was hoping Monica and I did too!

We befriended lots of people (even Miss Maryland) and gave kisses to Paul when he came downstairs. They finally cut the music on, but it was close to 1 a.m. and the crowd began to die down. Monica and I mingled a bit more then headed out in the brisk night to go home.

Here are some pics!

paul 012

paul 011

paul 009

paul 017

paul 013

paul 015

paul 016

paul 020

paul 021


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