Fashionable Mondays – With A Bow on Top

November 3, 2009 at 1:53 am (Fashionable Mondays)


Not just for presents any more, bows are making their way into the fashion world and should be arriving in your wardrobe shortly. Taken from the necks of men and the dress backs of women, bows are popping up everywhere. They are adorable, classic, whimsical, cute, and everything in between. Let’s talk about a way to tie a  few (get it, tie? like tie a bow? lol) into your wardrobe- not including with you do with your tennis shoes laces.

Here are some of my favorite items with bows…

Christian-Louboutin-shoes-bowClassic! I love this shoe by Christain Louboutin. Check out Bruno Frisono’s bow sandle below. At a pricy $1,095, I hope someone is giving you this as a present.


Check out these, there from an old Valentino spring collection (2008) but they are still fun and trendy.




LOL okay okay minus the stripper shoes I like these stockings, they are very playful.

Ok lets continue up to skirts. This Twenty8Twelve Matisse Skirt ($260) is very sheek, the color is neutral so it’s easy to match it with something.



This Pleated Skirt With Bow ($69) is chic, and everyone loves a mini.

It’s my present to you! lol.


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