First week in BROOKLYN!!

November 14, 2009 at 11:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Sooooo I finally moved to Brooklyn last Monday (Nov. 9) and haven’t looked back since! Check out this post about my apartment.

We rented a UHAUL and Monica (my roommate and modelsoulmate) packed it to the rim, sleeper sofa and all. We left DC around 3 p.m. and about 7 tolls later (totaling almost $40!!) we arrived in Brooklyn. We began to unpack but had lost most of our steam. I was able to strong-arm the TV and microwave onto the truck but they now weighed a ton! We were both tired. Just then, a man walked by and offered to unload our entire truck, sleeper sofa and all, into our apartment for $20. We paid.

Once everything was unloaded, we jumped around and cheered because we were both so happy to finally be living in New York!! We started unpacking boxes and putting our rooms together. Then we ordered some chinese food from a local restaurant on 4th Ave. I got my bottle of Pink champagne and popped the cork. You might remember, I’d been saving that bottle since July. Monica’s a light drinker, so she had one glass. I however, finished the bottle 🙂


We’ve spent this first week exploring the city and unpacking. I’ve almost gotten the hang of the subway (almost). We’ve visited quite a few restaurants and made a handful of new friends.

Soooo now what? Well, I moved here to pursue modeling. So in 2 weeks Monica and I are going to start going to open calls for modeling agencies non stop until we find representation. It’s going to be hard, but anything ever worth having doesn’t come easy.

We don’t have internet yet in our apartment (sucky Verizon) so I’m blogging from a local coffe shop in Park Slope, BK. Monica is here too (shopping for coats online). Here we are below.





  1. Stephanie McPherson said,

    Awwh Naomi! I’m so proud of you! I can’t wait to see you on the pages of VOGUE!!! You’ve come so far! I wish you the best in NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Zoe says she likes your scarf…lol

  2. Jessica said,

    Love this you two are both on your way and I think its fabulous! Sending nothing but good vibes your way!!! :o)

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