My interview with Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Demetress Valentine

November 23, 2009 at 4:45 am (Uncategorized)

If you were to compare a fashion model to a blank canvas, she would be nothing without paint, brushes, inspiration, and a stellar artist. It’s on these canvases that Demetress Valentine (a.k.a. Demi, a.k.a. DV) creates amazing masterpieces that rival Michelangelo, but you won’t find her work on the Sistine Chapel.

This DC native has made a name for herself in the realms of hair styling and make up. In terms of which came first, the chicken or the egg, hair styling came first for Demi, but she can never resist creating the perfect smokey eye and matte lip.

What inspires your work?

Other accomplished makeup artists like Ve Neill, Sam Fine, and Roxanne Floyd. In addition to those artists, I look at a lot of magazines such as Zink, Nylon, Ance Paper, Vogue, InStyle, and Essence. I received this advice from my first Agent with T.H.E. Artist Agency. (T.H.E. Artist Agency is a well known agency in Georgetown, DC that represents stylists, models, actors and actresses).

Describe for me the last project you worked on.

[The] last project I worked on was a calendar shoot in Nassau called “Bahamas Gems” 2010 calendar shoot. It was sponsored by On Da Road Productions and I had one of the best times of my life! Upon arriving to Bahamas, we traveled and shot in Nassau, Eleuthera and Rose Island. All of the 12 models were beautiful and intelligent Bohemian women. The release for the calendar is November 28. Check it out!

What was your most memorable assignment and why?

Recently working on a Steve Madden campaign, [I] worked with two teen models [from Ford Modeling Agency] and they were amazing…[I] was able to get the shot in 10 frames or less. [It] makes your job and the team’s job easier when the models come to work and get the shot.

Everyone has a crazy story about a day on the job. What’s something interesting or unusual that happened to you while working?

[Once] I was doing makeup for Kai Milla (Stevie Wonder’s wife) and I had my makeup set up all neat in her hotel room when all of sudden her [public relations assistant] came in and said that we were late and that I had to do makeup in the car on the way to the event! First time for everything! But it prepared me for my press junket with Emmy Award Winner Shohreh Aghlashloo when I [ended up] doing makeup for her on the way to an interview.

What types of images inspire you?

Images that have depth, like a Poalo Roversi image. The imagery is intense and the models he uses are timeless!

If you could chose anyone, who would you love to do hair/make up for?

Solange [Knowles] or anyone on her level because she loves makeup and isn’t afraid to try the most outrageous makeup look.

What’s a goal with your craft that you have yet to achieve?

My goal is complete prosthetics training so that I can create various looks for movie and television shows. Since training is [essential] to becoming a true professional, I want to be certified prior to taking on those assignments.

If Demi wasn’t turning models into masterpieces, she jests that she would be working a 9-5 and securing a pension. After accomplishing so much, Demi describes herself as humble. Below is an image that she is particularly proud of.

What’s next for you?

I have a lot of print work scheduled, so the hustle continues to get on the [same] level as the makeup artist I admire.

Finally, what make up items should all ladies have in their bags?

Cover FX concealer, CoverGirl mascara, and NARS lip stain.

*You can view DemiV’s website here.


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