Next trend up to bat – Combat boots for women

December 16, 2009 at 3:17 am (Uncategorized)

I try to predict what’s up and coming in the fashion world. I was a little late with the jumpsuit frenzy, and failed to accept leather leggings, but I do think that combat boots for women will be coming back on the horizon pretty soon.

Women are doing more and more these days, and to press onwards with the never ending quest for equality, we have to pull ourselves up by our boot straps, and those straps should be connected to some fashionable boots. I’m not talking about your Uncle-Sam-Wants-You-army fatigue-mud under the eye-hiding in bushes boots. I’m talking about cute, chic, edgy,and slightly punkish boots.

Check out some of my favs below.

These boots by Madden Girl are your basic black classic combat boot, what’s even more classic is the price, $59.90, no need to go to war over that.

Next, these in brown from MissSixty, and they might turn your credit into a battlefield at $234, but they are very stylish.

Lastly, these knee high boots from Volatile will put you intouch with your inner Lara Croft.

Slightly confused about how to wear them? Don’t fret. You can never go wrong with skinny jeans. I imagine wearing them with some sort of jacket and a shoulder bag. Check out some looks below for inspiration.


Also, combat books can add a certain fcuk you to a girly outfit lol, I’m on board. Are you??


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