Recapping the first month in Brooklyn, New York

December 16, 2009 at 12:58 am (Uncategorized)

So far, so GOOOOD! I don’t miss DC at all (sorry DC, I love you, but we can never go back there again). I have the subway down to a science and have managed to not get lost, but I’ve learned that late night, or rather early morning (i.e. 4 a.m.) it’s best to cab it home than wait in the empty train station for the next one to arrive.

I went out dancing a couple of times. My favorite place was 1 OAK (or one of a kind) in lower Manhattan. The crowd was so chic and everyone was dressed to be seen. The music was amazing, I literally danced all night. I went with my roommate Monica, and my new model friend Janine.

Speaking of modeling, you might be wondering what’s going on with that. Well, I’m working on it! In the beginning, I dreamed of walking into an agency and them instantly saying “Oh my god, we love you! Sign here! You’re amazing! We love the freckles!” BUT, on the contrary, it is not so simple! I have been to a handfull of open calls and haven’t gotten a definate ‘yes’ as of yet.

Some of the feedback I’ve been getting is that my pictures make me look older than I actually am in person. So, I am going to plan a photoshoot for Janauary to get some fresh shots in my portfolio. In the meantime, I’ve been sending these raw images to agencies (I took them with a regular digital camera)


I was able to get a talent agency, and they have me going to the People’s Court later this month to be an audience member, it doesn’t pay much, but you never know who might be there. I swear every agency in New York has received, if not more than once, these photos!

Last week, Monica and I went on a SKETCHY casting! It was for a designer from India, the casting was at a hotel. We went up to the room and it was just him sitting down. He had us walk for him, but he wasn’t pleased with how I walked, so he told me to walk towards him like I wanted to seduce him and make him kiss me! I was like UMMMMMMM nooooo!!! I’ll walk straight up and down and that’s that! Then, he tried to get Monica and I to dance for him! Unbelievable! I told him I didn’t know how to dance lol. The clincher was when he gave me $40 to go across the street and get a bottle of wine, and let his friend upstairs!!! I know I know, this sounds like the beginning of a scary movie.

I do have a fashion show coming up on December 19th, so I’ll be sure to post about it.

Other than that, I’ve just been enjoying life. I found an amazing part time job at Cole Haan that pays better than my full time professional job back in DC, plus I get a SICK discount on all the goods! I already have added two pairs of shoes to my collection. I met an amazing guy (beginner’s luck) and am smitten (yes smitten) with him. We shall see how month 2 plays out.

Love ya!


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