I need to be SHOT!

December 30, 2009 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay so after two months of living in New York and hunting in Manhattan for agency representation, the consensus I have gathered from all the feedback is that I need new photos.

A few weeks back, I met withagency owner Jeff from Q Model Management, and he shuddered at the sight of my portfolio! He said it made me look old 😦 and that I look much much better in person 🙂 Also, my DC agency, the Mattison Agency, kicked me off their website. They said they weren’t getting any inquires for me. Geez 😦

I know I could’ve done better with the overall presentation of my portfolio. It is in a binder with plastic sleeves protecting the photos. Note to self: If I’m going to be in NY with the big girl models, I need to have a book that puts me in the competition. I can’t be walking around with a Staples 3-ring binder. I need a professional looking portfolio with my name enscribed on front in glitter (well, not the last part, but you catch my overall drift).

I’m not sure why I didn’t think it was that important. I guess it was because my book sufficed for what I was doing in Washington DC, but this isn’t DC anymore. After meeting with Direct Model Management and not getting a definate no or yes, I decided it was time to get a new look in my portfolio. Something commercial, something clean and simple.

So now I’m hunting for a team. The first hurdle is a photographer. Then I’ll need a make up artist, and a hair stylist, and a wardrobe stylist. I’m aiming to accomplish this by mid-February, because hopefully by then I will have dropped an additional ten pounds (yes I know, I gotta be a skinny bitch for this).

Anyway if you read this post, and you know of anyone great in the NYC area, feel free to post their information in the comment section!



  1. Ray Rhoomes said,

    I dont think you will have a problem finding a photographer at all. Definitly keep in contact with me and we will talk and follow up more. I digitally retouch pics for photographers and I am working on a milllllion other things as well. good luck

  2. Cwen said,

    How is it with Mattison now…? Do email me…

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