Looking back at the last 2 months in Brooklyn

January 9, 2010 at 5:22 am (Uncategorized)

Dear diary lol.

It’s been two months since I packed up my life and U-hauled it straight for NY. Things are still GREAT! I still love my job at Cole Haan, and am on my 4th pair of shoes (it’s hard to stay on a budget in this city). Now that the holiday season has calmed down, I won’t be there on a full time basis, and will have more time for castings.

Remember I said I had that fashion show, well, let me tell you, I ripped the dress! The designer was Nicole Parrish and it was her first show. I had gone to her apartment earlier in the week for a fitting. I don’t think I gained any weight between the fitting and the show, but that dress was TIZZIGHTT!! I mean I couldn’t breathe. Somewhere from the dressing room to back stage the dress ripped, and then REALLY ripped! So I couldn’t even walk in her show! I felt sooo bad (and so fat) but she said she will use me for her Spring 2010 show.

Earlier this week I had a casting for a hair extension company. It was all the way in East Orange New Jersy so I had to catch the train. Sidebar: I’ve never rode a train before! It was cool, I didn’t get too lost. We shall see what comes from that, I got that gig from the talent agency I found up here.

I am still trying to put together a photo shoot to update my portfolio. Things really hit home when The Mattison Agency took me down from their website until I get better photos (OUCH!), so that is what I’m trying to do.

My thoughts on Brooklyn? Well, maybe I’d rather be in another part. Sunset Park is just okay, it’s alot of Hispanics, not that anything is wrong with that. Monica caught some guys peeping in our window a while back, she ended up calling the police. The walls are really thin, so you can hear everything. I think we both know that we will be moving out when our lease ends in July. Plus, it’s always easier to move in the summer time. I really want to move to Manhattan, it’s a better commute, and a lot easier to catch the trains after hours. Sometimes I have to wait 15-20 minutes for an R train to haul my ass back to Brooklyn.

Oh and let me tell you it is COLD! My GOD! I thought I had a real coat, I don’t even remember winters in DC being this brutal. I am looking forward to spring time already.

Oh and the guy! Remember I said I had beginners luck? Well he is still in the picture and the picture is still in the frame. We just got back today from an amazing date at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC and then drinks at the Coffee Shop (it’s a chic little bar off 14th and Union St.)

Okay that’s all I got. I have to get to bed, gotta wake up early and go to work.


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