Walking the runway on Wendy Williams

February 5, 2010 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

Last week on January 11, I got a chance to be in the studio audience for the Wendy Williams show. It was a lot of fun and Monica and I got to sit in the front row, smack dab in the middle! After the show, we were approached by a member of her staff about being on a future show. Of course we agreed!

Monica got the call and was picked to be in a fashion show about winter coats. One of the models couldn’t do the show, so Monica (gotta love her) said that she knew of another model (me!) who would be willing to do it! She called me and gave me the details, and I was excited to say yes!

The next morning we both woke up before Jesus at 4 a.m., got dressed, and made our way down to the studio, which was at 59th St. and 10th Ave. We were escorted upstairs by one of the show coordinators and shown to our dressing room.

Please forgive me. I can’t figure out how to rotate this effing picture lol. Okay, after some breakfast and sorting out clothes, they began taking us one by one to get our hair and make up done. My hair was a mess. They told me to wash it and not to put any products in it. That is a no no for me and the curls. With out some sort of gel/mousse/spray/spit they look frazzled. So I had on a hat when I arrived to the studio.

Yikes! I was excited to hear that I was getting a blow out (straighten me!!) and some curls. Then after about 30 minutes in the hair chair, I moved over one seat to get my make up done, which was simple and clean. After that, I got fitted for my outfit. A bright yellow pea coat, some frayed boyfriend jeans, a leopard print scarf, and some black ballet shoes.

After we were all dolled up, we did a run thru of the show. Wendy came down in her bathrobe and slippers! She is hilarious. We all practiced our walks and went back upstairs to the green room. The show started, our segment was about halfway through. When it came time, we went downstairs backstage. I wasn’t nervous, but I did have butterflies! I think I was just really really excited! I was the second one to go out. I’m proud to report that there were no slips, trips, or falls. The whole thing went over well.

I even got the chance to meet the publicist from Life & Style magazine. She said she does events like this every week and that they are always needing extra models. I quickly gave her my contact information and I hope she calls me!

After it was over, we all went back upstairs and watched the rest of the show. One of the girls came out for lunch with Monica and I in Times Square. I then went home and got back into bed. My day had started at 4 a.m., so I was tired.

The next day a lot of my friends and family had seen the show and I was getting a lot of positive feedback. It was just the boost that I needed! I have the video of the show, please give me a moment to post it, I’m waiting on someone to email it to me.




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