Finding the perfect dress for Valentine’s Day

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This is for the day time. As for what you do after night, you can pretty much come out naked in heels đŸ˜‰

Got yourself a valentine? That’s GREAT! Hopefully by now he’s let you know about the secret special plans that he has for you. You’re excited! You’re anxious! And you need the perfect outfit.

If you’re going out to dinner, hunny put on a dress and heels! Save the jeans and flats for movie night. You can do the basic black, any and all shimmery colors, or join in the V-day spirit and wear red and pink.

This dress is from an online store called Mango Shop and is only $49.99

If you like this dress, click on the link and check out the back. I can’t give you everything on the blog, but let’s just say you’ll be making a hell of an exit in this one. And the shimmery silver? Chills down his spine!

Ok this next one is so wrong, it’s right! It’s a sarong dress (wait, did you get that? so wrong=sawrong?? nevermind lol) by Maggy London. It’s flattering, and the color is darling. The price, eh, $108. Not to bad.

 This last one from Forever21 is a steal at only $29. This dress is a twist on the classic black mini. The zipper detail around the neckline make it a little funky(in a good way).

Now, I’m in NY, so it is COLD! Make sure to pair these dresses with leggings, tights, and the proper heels (i.e. no sandles!).

If you really want to drive them wild, pick up Noir from Victoria’s Secret. This fragrance was winner of the 2009 FiFi Fragrance of the Year Award! At once elegant and playfully provocative, it’s an enchanting blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid. It smells AMAZING!! Trust me. AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!


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