Four months in the blink of an eye!

March 11, 2010 at 11:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Time has flown. I have been in New York for 4 months. I do still feel like this was the move for me, but I don’t feel like I have been successful at all 😦

I have been on dozens of castings and go-sees and haven’t booked a single job. When do I throw in the towel? Should I give it a year? Two years? I’m feeling discouraged.

My social live is buzzing, my favorite places to party are Greenhouse, Veranda, and 1 OAK. I met a cool guy, Damion, who gets me and Monica into all the clubs for free, and our own table. We always have a good time when we party with him. He’s a model for Ford, and his friends are often hot!

As far as my dating life, well, if you don’t remember, the last guy I dated left me in a romantic wasteland. In fact, I sometimes wish I never met him. Why do I continue to settle for men who don’t deserve me?? I think it’s because I don’t think there are good men out there, so I settle for less in lue of waiting for more. I mean this guy was so bad for me it’s not even funny, and now he’s left a stain on my spirit that isn’t scrubbing off that easily. I hate myself for staying with him as long as I did (rant finished). Now, I had told Monica that I was DONE with men all together, then the very next day she came home and said that she had met the perfect guy for me.

Soooo I allowed her to arrange a blind date and it went extremely well, and I saw him 3 more times that very same week. I was instantly head over heals (as I often am in the beginning), but now, I’m not sure I want to do this anymore. My heart is tired! I just want one good one. I’m sooooooo TIRED of dating!!! So now I’m thinking should I even start things with this one, or should I just retire to my corner in defeat? Defeat.

So what’s next for me? Well, hell if I know. I need to find another job, I swear all my money goes to shoes and food. I don’t even want to think about how much I spend on frozen yogurt every week.

I have to bid you blog-readers of mine farewell for a bit. I’m at a crossroads, having a quarter-life-crises, etc.! And cannot deal! So, I’m signing off for a bit, I will say…..2 months….twitter too….and I’ll be back when I’ve sorted things out. No, I’m not giving up on my dreams, but I have been knocked down and need to regroup and pick myself back up to try things again, but slightly differently.

I probably sound like a Sad Sally (cancers tend to be moody crabs).


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Putty hands for Spring

March 2, 2010 at 6:30 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Forget pretty pinks and pastel purples for Spring this year, the new color for nails is wet clay/putty/muddy grey. Sounds grungy, but is quite cute.

Number 2 is my favorite. These polishes are from Sally Hansen.

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Welcome ladies to the Oxford

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Women wear pants. Women wear ties. And now women are going to be stylish this Spring wearing Oxfords. Right along with the trend of taking masculine styles and warping them into the female wardrobe, the oxford shoe is what hot this season.

Yes, I work at Cole Haan, so I’m slightly bias. Here are my favorites from our store.

Cole HaanCole Haan

In order, the Pet and Gin Mill from Cole Haan, they are both a wopping $295. A little out of your price range right? Me too. That’s why I found a few more that are easier on the pocket book.

For a way less expensive (but still chic) look, check out your friendly local Urban Outfitters. I found these two off their websiteUrban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Sorry these pictures are so small! Urban Outfitters has some type of Flash something or other that makes the basic right-click and save very difficult! In order, the Dean & Ozzy Wingtip and the BDG Saddle Ox are $58 and $48! Great deals for the same style. Oxfords can be worn with everything from dresses to boyfriend jeans. I picture them with leggins and an oversized button up (belted, of course).

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