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Ok, the title was a lame attempt to integrate the sound an owl makes into this article somehow. That’s the best I could come up with. Deal with it! ­čśŤ

Owls are the animal for spring this season, don’t ask why, but they are. I scooped this necklace from Forever21.

Like the owl from the Tootsie roll lollipop commercials! How many licks?? Check out these other owl items below…

All these are from Forever21, check out other owl items here.

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Sex and the City 2 Trailor

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If your a fan of the first movie and a lover of all the seasons nestled in that velvet hot pink binder, than you are probably looking forward to the continuation of the four first ladies of New York City. The movie picks up two years later, where Big and Carrie are longing for spice in their marriage, Miranda is a loving mother of toddler Brady, Samantha is trying to stay young, and Charlotte is running around the house with 2 kids. Thrown in the mix is a trip around the world and a reunion with Aiden, cliche phrases and fabulous fashions.

Watch the trailor below. I’m going to see it regardless, but I’m not sure how excited I am.

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Things I wish the world knew about retail and restaurants

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Over the years, I’ve held plenty of jobs in retail stores, everything from Old Navy to Lord & Taylor.┬áMy roommate Monica is on her 4th waitressing job. ┬áThere are some things that┬áwe wish you regular┬ápeople would know! Just read…

1. Don’t come in to the store 5 minutes before it closes and slowly browse around. We want to go home! We have probably been there 8 hours and we cannot leave until you do! Come back tomorrow when the store is open. When you hear the music cut off, make your way out!

2. Don’t mess up an entire table of neatly folded clothes while you search for your size. If anything, tell the sales associate your size so they can find it for you. Further more, if you pick up a shirt and unfold it to look at it, don’t just toss it anywhere on the table! It’s not dirty laundry. Do you know how to fold?┬áAtleast attempt it.

3. When shopping for shoes, don’t grab 20 shoes and hand them to a sales associate, you will likely get 5 of them tops, even if we had 20 in your size. I’m sorry, I’m bias. Ladies try on shoes for therapy and for fun, but it erks me! Go eat ice cream, that’s what I do for therapy. Also be patient! I have to go up 3 flights of stairs and swing from high shelves to get your shoes, sorry if it takes me 2 minutes!

4. At least bring your clothes out the dressing room, who raised you? And is it so hard for you to put back the one shirt you tried on? When I worked at Old Navy, it took us HOURS to put back all the clothes at the end of the night.

5. In fancy high retail stores, sales associates are getting commision. So if you are just browsing for fun, politely let your sales associate know so they can pick up another customer, otherwise they will just follow you around the store asking you if you want to try on everything you touch.

6. This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I hate when people tell me that they “will think about it and come back later.” Just say you don’t want it. Don’t ask me how late we’re open or ask me for my business card, you know you don’t want it! I would hug a customer if they said I don’t like this shoe and am not coming back for it.

7. Going out to eat? Nice! Tip 20% or stay home and order pizza. If the service is bad and that is why you want to be a cheap tipper, say something. This way, the server knows why they are receiving a bad tip.

8. If you’re not happy with food, dont eat all of it and then complain that it was undercooked. Say something right away, most places are happy to bring you another plate the way you want it. And don’t be RUDE! The waitor did not prepare the food for you, so don’t take your anger out on them.

9. Sit on a bench after you eat to catch up with your friend if you don’t want to end the night. Don’t stay for like 3 hours at a restaurant, they need that table! If you’re done ordering, leave! If a waitor has 4 tables for the night and you are staying at one of them for hours on end just talking, you’re ruining their night! They have to make money too.

10. Dont flail your arms to get attention, the server is not your slave. Be patient and talk to them respectfully. Example: When the waitor puts your check book on the table it’s usually in the upright position. To signal that you are ready to pay, insert your credit card so it sticks out on the end and set the book down. This way, the waitor doesn’t have to constantly check on your table or make you feel rushed.

Okay, learn anything new? I hope you did. There, now the world can be a better place.

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