In 140 Characters:

advertising executive, pretend model, comedian, fashion lover, sarcastic, fatally single, bitcher and moaner, dream chaser, lucky, blessed

For Modeling Jobs:

Krystal Ugo, T.H.E. Artist Agency, 202-342-0933 smile

What Others Are Saying:

“Hi Naomi…you was really great! WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU ANY TIME GIRL….Thank you so much” -Theresa

“Nice Portfolio!! Would love to work with you.”

“Love your looks. Would also love to work with you someday.”

“I had a blast… YOU ARE A TRIP and such a pleasure to work with!!!

Short Tidbits of Information:

sup peoples. this is me. i work in advertising communications and live in dc. i went to towson university in bmore. the bulk of my money comes from my side job, which is tasting crayola crayons to be sure they have quality flavor and texture. thanx for reading.

thoughts of randomness, in no particular order:

i have no portion control at all, which is why i keep little to no food in my apartment. i’m talking no control whatsoever, like entire bags of cookies gone in minutes. i also don’t cook (don’t, not can’t) so if you visit me i highly suggest you bring your own food.

i cooked chicken nuggets in the microwave and then put them in the toaster and they came out just as good as if i put them in the oven in a fraction of the time! yea buddy!!

when i go to the gym, i wear a tank and loose pants with a snatch back pony tail, i don’t understand why some girls wear just a sports bra and booty shorts along with a face full of make up…ur not working out

i accidently gave someone the finger when i was driving yesterday, it was my mistake and i kept saying im sorry (not sure if she could read lips) but she kept looking at me wierd so i flipped her off, now i feel bad. i think she was indian, if you read this pocohantas, im really sorry.

don’t lend friends money. i brought a pair of shoes for a friend and she has yet to pay me back, but tells me she honestly forgot she owed me, im sure everytime she puts those $60 pumps on she remembers she did not pay for them.

i saw the most intriguing tattoo yesterday, a big 69 and “forever cancer” across it…the forever cancer was the strange part because you cant be anything else but the zodiac that you are born in.

“Well Naomi, at least you didn’t get fat.” ummm thanx dad…i guess
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