Fashionable Mondays – With A Bow on Top

November 3, 2009 at 1:53 am (Fashionable Mondays)


Not just for presents any more, bows are making their way into the fashion world and should be arriving in your wardrobe shortly. Taken from the necks of men and the dress backs of women, bows are popping up everywhere. They are adorable, classic, whimsical, cute, and everything in between. Let’s talk about a way to tie a  few (get it, tie? like tie a bow? lol) into your wardrobe- not including with you do with your tennis shoes laces.

Here are some of my favorite items with bows…

Christian-Louboutin-shoes-bowClassic! I love this shoe by Christain Louboutin. Check out Bruno Frisono’s bow sandle below. At a pricy $1,095, I hope someone is giving you this as a present.


Check out these, there from an old Valentino spring collection (2008) but they are still fun and trendy.




LOL okay okay minus the stripper shoes I like these stockings, they are very playful.

Ok lets continue up to skirts. This Twenty8Twelve Matisse Skirt ($260) is very sheek, the color is neutral so it’s easy to match it with something.



This Pleated Skirt With Bow ($69) is chic, and everyone loves a mini.

It’s my present to you! lol.

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Fashionable Mondays – Split Personality Shoes

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As you may or may not know (if you would like to know you should follow me on twitter -naomikeziah) I took a second job selling fancy lady shoes to save money for a move to NYC in the fall.

So now I’m selling the great creations of Donald Pliner and Cole Haan. I get to see all the shoes when they come in (and sometimes hide that size 10.5) and fall in love.

As I was looking thru the summer Pliners, I saw a shoe that inspired this blog.


It’s a shoe/thong, or what I like to call a combination shoe. No longer is a boot a boot, or a sandle a sandle, shoes, like people, can be more than one thing, and it makes for some interesting combinations.

Here are some of my favorite combination shoes…

313ninewestThis shoe is called Pristine and is from Boutique 9 of NineWest. I LOVE this shoe and just ordered it from for only $58 including tax with free shipping!! I can’t can’t wait to get this in the mail! I had it sent to the office so I can put them on asap! I’ve seen it range from $58 (at Bloomingdales) to $99 ( It’s shoe combo is a thong plus a flat suede boot topped with a sprinkle of gladiator. Lord & Taylor has them for $69.

This next one we just got in for fall at my job and go figure, not in my size. It’s by Calvin Klein and is called Raine.

pl683502-00p01v01It’s a shoe bootie plus a peep-toe sandle. It looks way better in person, I pick this thing up every day when I walk by it. I even tried on the 10, but my toes were edge-jumping, so I sadly put them back in the box.

This one is a gladiator ankle bootie sandle.


It’s from Nine West, I tried it on, but the straps were too loose for my narrow foot. Still cute thou!

Now, something that I’ve noticed about shoes is that things that used to not have a high heel are now getting one. Like slap a 3-inch heel on anything and it’s insta-sexy.

For example, you would think tennis shoes are for running, right? Not according to Michael Kors. He debuted this number for his Spring/Summer 09 collection.


I actually kinda like it, but there will be no running in this shoe.  And there will be no snow-playing in the shoe below.


When you throw a heel on any utilitarian shoe, it instantly loses it’s original purpose and becomes strictly fashion. Can you picture a heel on swim flippers? Or ballet shoes? Oh wait…we can for that one thanks to Beyonce.


But I doubt you will be seeing anyone dancing in these.

I think the trend of combination shoes is great. The rest of our wardrobe is merging together (i.e. the sweater dress or the jumpsuit) so why not our shoes?

Just becareful on which one you pick, a sandle boot in the summer is cute but useless in the winter.

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Fashionable Mondays – What Did Madeline Buy?

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True confessions of a shopoholic, my always stylish coworker Madeline is always getting goodies delivered to the office, so I thought it only right to feature her in this weeks Fashionable Mondays.

This is my coworker Madeline…


Adorable right! Plus she laughs at my jokes so I kinda like her lol. But I swear, it never fails that our secretary is toting some box to her office, and me being nosey (and the office being otherwise boring) am always intrigued to see what did Madeline buy?

So let’s get to it!

Madeline brought #001


This Tory Burch navy jacket with accented buttons was from Rue La La, and exclusive online shopping site. They post high end clothes at sale prices, but you have to get them quick! Because they go fast, this jacket is already gone.

Madeline brought #002 & #003



These items are from Anthropologie, and she brought them for her sister as a birthday present. The shirts come in  other colors as well, and are great casual tops to wear with jeans.

Madeline is buying #004


This fancy belt by Fendi but not at the Fendi price.

Mads (the affectionate nickname I bestowed to her) tells me that she gets a lot of her good deals from Gilt Group, but I must warn you, it’s exclusive. I was even rejected and can compare the feeling to that of trying to get into a hot club but the bouncer puts you on the waiting list, yes, there is a waiting list for the site. But Mads invited me in so now I’m a member, which is good, because I made a bucket list and one of the items on it was to buy a luxious expensive items just for me (I’ll post the bucket list on another blog lol).

Until next time…that’s what Madeline brought!

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Fashionable Mondays – Michael Jackson Style For the Ladies

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With the recent passing of our beloved King of Pop, I felt it only right to dedicate this week’s Fashionable Mondays to him. The world is talking about what a great music icon he is, but let’s not overlook the influence he had on the fashion world. Michael Jackson is style, flare, and individuality. Whether you liked it, loved it, or hated it, you we’re taking about it- everything from loafers and socks to tight skinny jeans for men to the infamous glitter glove.




I think that most people, in some way shape or form, have work a little MJ into their wardrobe. Let’s take a look some of his coolest hippest neato (lol i ran out of cool words) outfits and I’ll show you where you can get them!

Okay, outfit numero uno. Early eighties.


I’m liking this outfit, especially the flare of the pants. Let’s look at some different options to cross it over to the female side of things. This skirt, by Moschino, is the perfect play on the above outfit. It’s priced at $295. Don’t worry! The rest of this outfit will be inexpensive lol.


I would pair it with this basic pintucked shirt from Forever21, only $14.80 (see! I told you things would cheapen out). Take a look…


Now, the skirt is high-waisted, so you will be tucking this shirt in for a very tailored look.  Now for the shoes. I know your thinking eww flats?? and a loafer too!!?? No way! lol, but wait! Loafers can be sexy! No really, no kidding. These sexy wedges from Jessica Simpson are a fashionable take on a classic shoe.


Hot right! I’ll leave it up to you weather you want to wear it with socks or not lol…I say no.

Outfit number duece! The sexy, classic, stunning all white suit!! OWWWWwwwwWWwWW!!!!


Let’s look at a few options. The first one comes from Banana Republic, the jacket is $150 and the pants are $79. Tre chic!


Version two is a 3-piece suit from by Calvin Klein. The jacket is similar to the first suit, but the tailoring on the leg is the difference. The above version is a cuffed and creased wide leg, while the below version has more of a tapered leg, meaning your shoes won’t be covered, thus they must be hot (don’t worry, I got you covered).


This suit is $86.99 for all 3 pieces! Go Overstock! Okay, you see how Michael has that little animal-print scarf in the pocket? I thought we could switch that up a little and bring it into our footwear choice. Here’s what I found…

6219-911124-pGuess by Marciano, $210

1396-434063-pStuart Weitzman, $154

6219-760027-pThis last pair, Charles by Charles David, is on sale for $100, and would look great with the tapered leg pant. All three of these shoes come from

Sidebar: Did you know that this piece is part of the latest fashion in France?


I lie to you not!! Afro and everything, look at little Michael.

Okay, and entire Michael Jackson outfit may not be for you, but there are still some classic pieces that you can work into your wardrobe.

First, the skinny black pant! This is a basic item that you can dress up or down. J Brand is one of my favorite pair of jean brands. Look at the pair below…


They are priced at $158. I know, a lot right!! But, I have one pair of J Brand jeans and they are my favorite pair of skinny jeans ever, they fit perfectly and don’t fade in the wash. I did however snag them from Filene’s Basement for only $69.

Next MJ staple is the glitter glove.


You can go all out with this shirt by Chan Luu


Sidebar: check out some of the other clothing on that website, it’s exclusively for emerging designers. If that’s too much  glitter glam for you, try these smaller accenting items from The clutch is $18 and the scarf is $10.


Finally, you can’t be bad and know it without with out the infamous red jacket. It is symbolic to the Michael Jackson icon.


Here’s are some similar styles for the ladies.


This jacket by Timot is $799, it’s real leather, and Italian! Lol still too much I know I know, don’t worry I always provide an affordable version. Here’s one from JC Penny, only $24.99! Oh yeaaaaaaa!


See! Told ya! Okay well I’ve done enough here, I think you can take it from here to incorporate some Michael Jackson style into your wardrobe.

We love you MJ!!!!

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Fashionable Mondays – The Jumpsuit Debate

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I was shopping in Georgetown this weekend and saw a peculiar jumpsuit in Zara, and it inspired me to explore the trend further. Here was the jumpsuit (if you followed me on twitter, naomikeziah, then you saw the pic as I discovered this gem in the store).


The pattern was loud and the colors were clashing, the fabric was loose and flowy. I was baffeled on how to wear this and where to wear it to.

Where did the jumpsuit originally come from. Ooo! Can we travel down fashion history lane! I love trips!!

 The jumpsuit originally referred to the utilitarian one-piece garments used by parachuters and skydivers, but has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. Starting in the 1960s, the jumpsuit has made occasional appearances in common and high fashion (particularly in the 1980s), but has never been a common item of everyday wear.

Don’t you feel like you learned something? Lol. So maybe the jumpsuit is trying to make a comeback (like leggings and the side ponytail), and we should embrace the conjoined-twin of a top and a bottom.

First, it’s always helpful to see how celebs are wearing them.


Hmmm…not really feeling any of these. Let’s try again…


Meh…a little better. I actually really like the one on the right worn by Victoria Beckham. Look at this one (disclaimer: if you have small children around, please have them look away from the screen)


AUGHH!! Katie noooooo! I bet Tom picked out that outfit lol (p.s. ummm pedi time?)

Ok well clearly I’m on the fence about the jumpsuit but you might like it and that’s all that matters. So let’s discuss where to buy and how to wear.

This one from Spiegel is on sale for $84 and can easily be worn to work and out later minus the blazer. It also seems to be the trend to belt your jumpsuit to create separation.


 I’m not sure I would wear a jumpsuit to work. But I would definately wear one out. And I actually really loving this one below from Robert Rodriguez.


It’s uber cute and I would pair them with a pair of platforms and some big earrings. Okay, during the writing of this blog I have changed my opinion on jumpsuits, and have fallen in love with the prettier sister of the jumpsuit…the romper! Check out this one below from Rag & Bone! I’m smitten with this! But not the price! $450? Geez I thought the purpose of combining your top and bottom was to save money.


I think the jumpsuit won me over kinda-sorta-maybe-alittle. I’m all for fashion foward thinking and trying new styles, maybe next time I will try one on. Hmmm…I wonder how you use the bathroom in this thing.

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Fashionable Mondays – Pattern MisMatch

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When I was in high school and even in college, I used to match my outfits from head to toe. I’m talking red shirt, red shoes, red belt, red purse, and red accessories. Everything had to match! Which is surprising to me, because my socks never, EVER match.

  june 044

 But now, thank goodness, it’s quite stylish to mix and match your patterns and colors and to bring some variety between your accessories. There are a few guidelines you want to follow. Make sure that you stick to two, maybe three patterns. Any more and you might give someone a headache. Let one pattern be the dominate one. If one pattern has a big print, match it with another pattern with a small print. You don’t have to mix colors of the same family, and you also don’t have to mix prints of the same family, i.e. cheetah with zebra or big polka dots with small polka dots.

 The best way to start is to go through your own closet and pull out your patterns. This is what I was able to come up with.

  june 043

 This shirt and cardigan combo both came from Forever21, the cardigan was about $24 and the shirt was about $15. The floral shirt is the bigger bolder pattern, and the animal print cardigan is the complimenting pattern.




Here’s another I found

june 045



This dress was only $5 from a small shop in Key West, FL! There are actually tons of ways to wrap it, but this was the only way I could figure out lol. Anyway, it’s a perfect example of pattern mixing.





Don’t think too hard on this. You really can just throw stuff together. Let’s look at how the magazines are showing it.

 New PictureNew Picture (1)

New Picture (2)

The last one is pretty bold, but it will definitely get you some attention, and some people love to be talked about.

Here is Rachel Zoe, and we already know she’s up on every trend for the next decade. This military style jacket and horizontal striped shirt is a good example of pattern mixing.

 New Picture (3)

Now, if you can’t find the time (and don’t care to either) mix patterns yourself, you can already buy clothes that have adapted to this style. Check out these celebrities below with there already pattern mismatched outfits.

 New Picture (4)

You like? Me too! Here are some items along the same lines as the dresses above. This chic little number is from Delia’s and it’s only $44.50.

 New Picture (5)

And this sexy little number

New Picture (6)  

By Donna Morgan at $118 (a little steep, but so cute!). Well now, there’s your lesson in pattern mis-matching, and always remember to make the sidewalk your runway!

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Fashionable Mondays – Caged In

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Hey guys! Since I LOVE fashion, I wanted to start writing a weekly fashion blog entry, what better way is there to start the week? Okay, I figured I’d start with shoes because they are my one true love. And since I wear a size 10.5 (yes it’s a real size contrary to popular belief) I feel morally, spiritually, and biblically obligated to buy any shoe in my size. My favorite shoe brand at the moment is Nine West, not only is their stuff very trendy and up-to-date with what’s in style, it’s reasonably priced from $30-$100.

This is what I got the last time I was there…

Apricot, Take Addl 30% OffSorcerer, Take Addl 30% OffSpecial Delivery

Oh how do I love thee Nine West, poor credit card, never had a chance.

Anyways back to the point! The Yves Saint Laurent cage boot, if your a Bazaar reader like me, these things are everywhere! Also, they were on the “Fashion Show”, the Project Runway stepchild that runs on Bravo. Pricetag, around $1,500. Fashion has no mercy on the economy.

However there’s hope! Check out these…


They are from Baker’s shoe store ( and are only $79.95! They are quite comparable to the YSL, and at only a fraction fraction fraction of the price! You get the same fashion effect, and just like the YSL boots, they also come in different colors.

As far as your outfit, don’t overdue it, these shoes scream a fashion statement. This is how celebs are wearing them…

I think Beyonce in the middle wore them best, simple is always better. I personally would wear it with a black tube mini.

Remember, make the sidewalk your runway!

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