Show Off! – Mirza Mperial

June 24, 2009 at 2:36 pm (Show Off) (, , , , )

I think call time was at noon. I hate that you have to arrive 4-5 hours before a show just to wait and wait. And then they don’t always have food, but if they do, it’s something like donuts lol aughhhh!!!

I instantly loved the designs of Mirza Mperial, they were classic garments, well crafted and stitched, it reminded me of royalty. It was nice to see a designer take pride in his craft. Sometimes you meet people who just throw fabric pieces together and want to call themselves the next Project Runway star.

Mirza Mperial was the last designer to show that day. So I waited with my model friends Angie and Elyce for make-up.


shows 013

Yes please hide my racoon eyes! I hear Naomi Campbell has them too lol. The finished product was nice! Although I wasn’t really feeling the hair lol, stylists just don’t know what to do with my curls! They either slick it back or violently tease it out, ouch!

shows 016

Then we were fitted in our garments and shoes and all was left  to do was wait for showtime. The designer wanted all the models to do the clydesdale stomp down the runway, at first I didn’t even know what this was. Mind you, I prefer being behind the camera lol. After some researching, I honestly thought it looked kinda silly, but whatevers.



Sidebar: Look at that booty!!! OWWWWwwwww!!! lol. I kept fiddling with my dress because the boobies kept falling out and they had run out of sticky tape. I didn’t want a nip to pop out as I was clydesdale stomping down the runway.


Can’t you see the look of concern on my face lol! Like get me some tape!!


Sidebar: special thanks to this designer for getting me shoes in my size! That means so much to me (sniff) to not have to bust a pinky toe for fashion.

After we all lined up and got some finishing touches it was show time!



All in all I thought it was a good show. I saw the video feed after and I hate to say that I still have the dear-in-headlights face sometimes lol I need to practice being sexy! Sadly, I had to return the shoes 😦 Even though I’ve heard that models steal things sometimes, but I don’t need that karma. I accidently took a MAC lipstick once and offered to mail it back to the make-up artist, she let me keep it thou.

One final pic…


…and then we called it a night. I headed home to scrape my face and hit the bed. One day this will be my full-time gig, but until then, I can only live the dream occasionaly.

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Show Off! – Adare Cartel

June 19, 2009 at 3:01 pm (Show Off) (, , , , , )

People want to throw me on the runway because I’m so tall, but I love being behind the camera more. First, I wear a size 10.5, so I’m usually walking in shoes that don’t fit (I kno I kno, that definately was a challenge on America’s Next Top Model). Then also, I’m never sure what to do with my face lol. They tell me to look sexy or like I’m seducing someone, but idk I don’t really see myself as sexy at all.

I got to the show location and met the designers, Adare Cartel ( (, they were from NYC. Since I was so tall, they thought I’d be perfect for this MASSIVE dress that they created. This thing was lovely, but so much and had so much detailing. I made my way into the dress and was fitted.



After that I went to make-up. I have to give the artist props (name escapes me) she was on point and the make-up looked great, it was just SOOOO thick! I felt like I had an inch of it on my face, but I guess that’s what it takes to make it look good under all those stage lights.


The show was great and each of Adare Cartel’s dresses was equally amazing! They are such a talented duo and I’m glad that I worked with them. All the ladies in the show were simply beautiful.


I made a few friends from the show and saw a couple of familiar faces. Afterward, I got a message from Adare Cartel asking me to come to NYC to shoot for their brand. Of course I accepted! Hopefully one day I’ll be living in NYC, until then I’m on the $40 round trip greyhound always somehow sitting next to a fat and or smelly person. Such is the life, I suffer for my work! Lol.

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Sew Me What You Got IKEA Fashion Show

May 31, 2009 at 3:31 pm (Show Off) (, , , , )




I’m in this fashion show tomorrow for the Ikea Sew Me What You Got competition. It features 15 local designers who purchased Ikea fabric to make a unique garment. It’s kind of like Project Runway.


Check out the designs here: smwyg.html

And the Baltimore Sun feature here:,0,2609066.story

At first I was a little worried because the make-up artist was rushing, and my eyeliner looked like it was put on by a 4-year-old. She didn’t even want to give me foundation! I have raccoon eyes! I need concealer lol.

I was excited to see my ol’ college buddy Candice ( at the show, she’s another fabulous model on the rise living in Baltimore. I was also excited to see this sexy male model (pictured above)! and was even more excited when he took his shirt off lol.

We all got changed and fitted by our designers and headed up stairs to the show room a.k.a. the ikea sofa display section. There, one by one, we strutted our stuff on the makeshift runway smack dab in the middle of the show room. After everyone went, ballots were passed out and people voted for their favorite designs. The top 5 designs (and hopefully the top 5 models as well) will move on to be featured at this years Artscape festival in July. The winning design will get $1,000!! The winning model will get a contract with CoverGirl, and a photoshoot with Gilles Bensimon lol JK!! I wish, but this isn’t ANTM or Project Runway, but I still had a blast.

After playing maniquin for 20 minutes my sister Jessica and I went to redeem my free ikea lunch coupon (yes that was the payment, that and exposure, neither of which pay the rent). And who do we see in the lunch room…sexy male model! Now, if i was by myself I would’ve sat 4 tables away and just hope that he looked at me. But super-bold Jessica suggested we sit with him, which we did!

He turned out to be quite nice, and we all traded numbers 😉 Jess and I wrapped up the day with some Coldstone treats with Tasha, our sister-in-law. Then I headed to a birthday party in the city, and later to a night out of drinks and dancing with guy, yes, a date lol, but I’ll save that story for another blog.

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