RUNAMUCK 5k at Sebago Beach

June 30, 2011 at 3:59 am (Uncategorized)

I have been living at Planet Fitness for the past 3 months training for the Runamuck 5k race. My girlfriend Paris from work told me about it and her and I, along with my other coworkers Alex and Claude decided to sign-up! A week before the race we were so AMPED! We were working out strategies, planning outfits, and scoping pictures on the Runamuck website to try to get a peek at the track.

It looked insane. Swimming through rivers, crawling through mud, climbing walls, hiking, and running. The website advised us that by the end of the race, we would probably have to throw away everything we were wearing. It said to bring duct tape so we could secure our sneakers to our feet, as a lot of people parted ways with their footwear when trekking through the mud.




The day of the race, me and my team (named the Uptown Rundown, because we all live uptown NYC) made the hour long drive out to Sebago Beach. We signed in, got our numbers, and waited at the start line.

The race started with 1.5 miles of running. Most people died out and started walking, but my team and I kept up the pace. Then we reached the first obstacle, a 10-foot rope mesh wall. We had to climb up one side and down the other. It was difficult because there were a lot of people on it at one time, pulling the rope in different directions. After that, more running.

The next obstables included walking on a plank over  a river, manuvering through a maze of rubberbands stretched from tree to tree, wall climbing, hurdle jumping, crawling on hands and knees through mud, tredding water through a river, and about 2 miles of hiking. The entire race took about an hour, and by the end of it we were drenched in sweat and mud. But we all finished as a team. I definately want to do it again next year, and I want to wear a costume. How cool would it have been if we all ran as Navi from Avatar?? Friggen awesome.




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Back at it…one year later!

June 30, 2011 at 3:30 am (Uncategorized)

OMG. I have not blogged in over a year. INSANE!!!! Jesus, let me catch you up.

I believe I left off at my phone being snatched off my face on the eve of my move to Harlem circa July 2010. Well, that living situation did NOT work out at all. I had roommate drama out the wazoo.

It all started with cleaning issues. Roommate A (RA) was pretty clean,  but roommate B (RB) was not. RB would be all Top Chef if the kitchen but would not clean up after herself. We would get fruit flies and mice, it was gross. So one night I came home, this was in November, and she left the gas on. The fumes were so thick in the apartment that there were wavy lines everywhere!

So the next night I called a roomate meeting and RB blew up! She was like “Fuck you, fuck the dishes” this that and the third. Mind you, I don’t argue with children so I didn’t have much to say. RA and I told her she needed to move out. So each month she said she was leaving but that time never came. It became so akward living in that apartment, hating coming home, not speaking to each other. So 5 months later, May 2011, I decided I was going to move out.

Present day, I have my own New York City apartment!! And I live ALONE! SOLO! It’s the best thing ever. Not having to cover your roommate when their late with the bills, not having to wait for the bathroom, and not having to clean up after anyone. It’s great.

As far as work, I still hustle daily at Cole Haan. I never thought I’d be there that long! But it pays the bills and it’s a stepping stone until I find my niche in this city.

As far as my love life, ummm, it’s still non-existant. I’ve been on a few dates with a few guys but nothing has taken off! And believe it or not, I still keep in touch with Andre, but it’s a grey area of a situation with no conclusion!

OH and guess what? I’m bald now lol. Yes I chopped off all my hair! I do not think I was meant for long hair at all! I always wore it in a bun anyway, so it wasn’t doing me justice. Check out the before and after pics below.

I promise to blog. Fingers crossed.

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Beware of the Phone Snatchers!!!

July 29, 2010 at 2:42 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I was walking in Harlem, like 128th and Lenox Ave, talking on the phone to my mother. Out of NOWHERE, a young black kid on a bike ZOOMS past me and snatches the phone right off my ear!! Literally! All my mother heard was “blah blah work is fine blah blah Andre is a douche blah blah AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

The kid looked back at me like “Dis my fone now” (YES I’m spelling it like that because he was an IGNORANT KID). He was gone so fast I didn’t have a chance to react. I literally stood there with my hand still by my ear. My face still warm from the radiation. I wanted to tell the kid WAIT!! Let me buy my own phone back from you!!!

I few on lookers approached me. One guy in a business suit asking “Did he just take your phone? Did you know him?” I said NO! He then said go find your provider and cancel the phone. Now, I am not familiar with Harlem at all! He told me to go to 125th and make a right. I walked 7 avenues in the wrong direction! There was an AT&T store right on the corner of 125th and Lenox, but I needed to make a left!

I went in the store and told the lady I was a victim of phone snatching and needed a new phone! She asked if I had insurance. AHHHHH insurance. No. I’ve never lost a phone EVER! So I always pass on that extra $3.99 charge. I asked if I could use her phone to call my mom, who I’m no doubt was baffled by what she heard. My parents, however, screen their calls! So after 5 failed attempts I finally get an answer and explain what happened. “You got to be more aware of your surroundings!” says the parents.

So I beg and plead with the AT&T woman, I can’t afford to pay for a new phone! But I wasn’t due an upgrade until February. She instructed me to call customer service. Thankfully, they reduced the price of another blackberry and I was able to get a new phone the next day.

Ahhh the police. Yes. I told a police officer what happened. He said he can’t handle it because it’s not his precint. He calls another officer and instructs me to wait on the corner (what a good look for me) for the car to come. I wait 15 minutes. No car. I walk down 2 blocks and find 2 more officers, told them what happened. They said this isn’t their precint, they can’t handle the report. He then gives me 2 numbers to call and one of them should be the correct precint. 2 numbers to CALL with my STOLEN PHONE. I left and never reported the incident.

By this time my head is THROBBING and all I want to do it go home. So I go in the train an ahhhhhh…my metro card…I keep it in the back of my phone under the ruber skin, my $89 metro card. Great. So I buy another card, and hop on the 3 train back to Brooklyn. And that was my day.

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I’m over you Summer, I’m buying Boots

July 28, 2010 at 3:08 am (Uncategorized) ()

As a summer baby, this season will always have a place in my heart. But good lawd is it hot and humid in this city. I cannot do a single thing with my hair. I have literally been in snatchbacks and buns all summer.

And after striking out on my summer romance, I am beyond ready for the new season. Hello Autumn, hey there, you look sooooo good to me right now.

Yes I brought boots. I’m a size 11, by the time October comes along they will be all gone. And of course I got them from Cole Haan. I needed a good brown fall boot. And the leopard booties, well, those are just for fun. Leopard is going to be really big this season.

I’m going to have to stash them in the closet until fall, but it will be worth the wait!

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Brooklyn, Breakups, Parties, Randomness, Harlem

July 28, 2010 at 2:57 am (Uncategorized)

It’s been over 8 months. I’m losing track.

So much has changed since I last wrote, it’s literally been like 2 months. Monica and I are no longer roommates. She found a great deal on an apartment in Hells Kitchen and decided to take it, so for the last 4 weeks I have been trying to find another home in New York.

Like any other lost soul I turned to craigslist and, after many swings and misses, found a great apartment in Harlem, with two great girls, Brittani and Christine. The apartment is AMAZING and I absolutely love it. It took forever to find and I was really beginning to stress out, but everything worked out in the end. Except for the part when I got ROBBED! Yes, I was walking around Harlem, chatting on the phone with my mom, when a punk on a bike zooms past me and snatches my phone! I was so shocked I stood there like a statue. I didn’t know people did stuff like that. So lesson to myself, pay attention, and invest in phone insurance.

So, last time I updated you on my dating life, I was head over heels for this new guy Andre, we had been dating for quite some time. Well, that’s over, and I don’t really have a clear answer for why. All I can conclude is that he didn’t like me as much as he said he did. I also think that I was not the only one he was seeing. 

What else what else, well, the modeling! Ahhh yes the modeling. The last bit of work I did was about a month ago on the Today show, I was modeling bridemaid dresses. It wasn’t paid (that seems to be the only work I’m finding) but it was a lovely experience. I haven’t given up hope thou. Here’s a pic from back stage after hair and make up.

I am 25 yes, I have aged lol. I celebrated my birthday on the first with friends and sangrias and sand. I went out dancing. Random story about that night. I met a man who said I reminded him of his daughter, he said she was having a birthday soon, and I told him my birthday was coming up too. He then reached in his pocket and handed me a crisp $50 bill!! That was the best unexpected birthday surprise ever!


And speaking of people handing me money! I was in Barnes & Noble at Union Square when a man approaches me and asks me to drinks and dinner. I agree. He says “Well, first lets get your book paid for.” He takes my book (What is the What, which is a really good read) and pays for it. We then go outside with him and his agent and catch a cab to midtown for drinks at a hotel in Times Square. Then we take a private car to Amy Ruths in Harlem for dinner. I had a previous appointment that I needed to keep to see an apartment from craigslist, so he let me take the private car by myself to see it! I made my way back and after we finished dinner, he gave me a $100 bill for a cab ride back to Brooklyn! He didn’t flirt or be innappropriate in any way at all! And he kept his sunglasses on the whole time!

Work is still going well! I am still buying shoes lol. Everything is still holding together here in New York for me. I think after this, I’m going to need to live in the suburbs! There are just sooo many effing people in this city. I promise I’ll blog more. Pinky swear. I have a feeling my life is going to get a whole lot more interesting.

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I’ve been in this Apple 6 months

May 12, 2010 at 3:08 am (Uncategorized)

Oh how the time passes! Six months ago it was November and I was packing what was left of my life into a U-Haul. I was anxious and excited all at the same time. This feels like a milestone, so it’s only right that I do some reflecting, inner soul searching, blah blah blah.

Time for updates (applause!). I still work at Cole Haan and am still buying shoes (does that really surprise you, thou?). The job is great and the money is good, plus the people are also nice. The only thing that bothers me is having to climb 3 flights of stairs each time I have to get a shoe, my buns and thighs thank me, but it’s a chore!

No I did not come to NY to sling shoes, I came to try my hand at modeling amoung other things, and that has yet to lift off. After 4 months of dead-end go-sees and casting calls, I took a break from it all. I was also really bummed about life, but I won’t get into that. Now that the rain cloud has moved from my head, I am starting to get back into the game. I went to my first casting in forever today, and although I don’t expect to hear from them (these hips aren’t high-fashion) it was nice to get back to doing what I came to NY for.

Sunset Park! WHOOP WHOOP!! ((NOT!!)). After calling this place home for the last 6 months, I’m ready to move!! Don’t cry yet, I will still be in NY, just looking to relocate to another part of Brooklyn, hopefully Park Slope or Williamsburg. I haven’t had any real issues with the neighborhood, other than the loud music, rats (will tell you story later), and distance from civilization. But Monica has had some trouble, for some reason, men give her creepy looks in our neighborhood, she even caught someone peeking in our window! Word is Sunset Park will be the next neighborhood to get cool, but we will be long gone before that happens. Plus, I’m cramped in my room, it’s tiny tiny and is always messy because there is no where to put anything! We don’t have closets!

Oh yea the RAT! UGH! We would always hear this thing in the cabinet eating from the trash can and we assumed it was a tiny mouse, we named it Gilbert! When ever we heard a rustle from under the sink, we would laugh and be like “Oh, that’s just Gibert!” One night I was up late watching the telly and I hear ol’ Gilbert getting a snack. I sneak over and open the cabinet, expecting to see a tiny mouse scurry away. Instead it was a FAT rat cradled in the trash can. He didn’t even look scared and he didn’t even run away. He looked at me and wobbled out the trash can then squeezed himself into a hole.

Oh yes and my dating life. I believe I left you at the point where my poor little heart was tired of the dating scene. I had ended things with the jerk I was dating (oh hindsight, you are indeed 20/20), and had started dating a new guy and was smitten. Well now, I am still smitten and we are still dating 🙂 He’s a really nice, handsome, and gentleman of a guy and we have a lot of fun together. Is he my boyfriend? I don’t know, but believe me he’s a catch!

What’s next for me? Well now, the only way to find that out is to live life. I’m going to take one more swing at modeling over the summer. I hadn’t really given my self a set end point, but I think it’s safe to call it after a year. Also, I am hobby-less! I miss painting and flag football! I miss my yoga classes and kickboxing! I left a lot behind when I moved, I left a lot of me behind, and I need to get me all back!

Soooo there you have it! Six months down. I know the next six will be even better.

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April 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, the title was a lame attempt to integrate the sound an owl makes into this article somehow. That’s the best I could come up with. Deal with it! 😛

Owls are the animal for spring this season, don’t ask why, but they are. I scooped this necklace from Forever21.

Like the owl from the Tootsie roll lollipop commercials! How many licks?? Check out these other owl items below…

All these are from Forever21, check out other owl items here.

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Sex and the City 2 Trailor

April 9, 2010 at 8:01 pm (Uncategorized) ()

If your a fan of the first movie and a lover of all the seasons nestled in that velvet hot pink binder, than you are probably looking forward to the continuation of the four first ladies of New York City. The movie picks up two years later, where Big and Carrie are longing for spice in their marriage, Miranda is a loving mother of toddler Brady, Samantha is trying to stay young, and Charlotte is running around the house with 2 kids. Thrown in the mix is a trip around the world and a reunion with Aiden, cliche phrases and fabulous fashions.

Watch the trailor below. I’m going to see it regardless, but I’m not sure how excited I am.

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Things I wish the world knew about retail and restaurants

April 9, 2010 at 7:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Over the years, I’ve held plenty of jobs in retail stores, everything from Old Navy to Lord & Taylor. My roommate Monica is on her 4th waitressing job.  There are some things that we wish you regular people would know! Just read…

1. Don’t come in to the store 5 minutes before it closes and slowly browse around. We want to go home! We have probably been there 8 hours and we cannot leave until you do! Come back tomorrow when the store is open. When you hear the music cut off, make your way out!

2. Don’t mess up an entire table of neatly folded clothes while you search for your size. If anything, tell the sales associate your size so they can find it for you. Further more, if you pick up a shirt and unfold it to look at it, don’t just toss it anywhere on the table! It’s not dirty laundry. Do you know how to fold? Atleast attempt it.

3. When shopping for shoes, don’t grab 20 shoes and hand them to a sales associate, you will likely get 5 of them tops, even if we had 20 in your size. I’m sorry, I’m bias. Ladies try on shoes for therapy and for fun, but it erks me! Go eat ice cream, that’s what I do for therapy. Also be patient! I have to go up 3 flights of stairs and swing from high shelves to get your shoes, sorry if it takes me 2 minutes!

4. At least bring your clothes out the dressing room, who raised you? And is it so hard for you to put back the one shirt you tried on? When I worked at Old Navy, it took us HOURS to put back all the clothes at the end of the night.

5. In fancy high retail stores, sales associates are getting commision. So if you are just browsing for fun, politely let your sales associate know so they can pick up another customer, otherwise they will just follow you around the store asking you if you want to try on everything you touch.

6. This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I hate when people tell me that they “will think about it and come back later.” Just say you don’t want it. Don’t ask me how late we’re open or ask me for my business card, you know you don’t want it! I would hug a customer if they said I don’t like this shoe and am not coming back for it.

7. Going out to eat? Nice! Tip 20% or stay home and order pizza. If the service is bad and that is why you want to be a cheap tipper, say something. This way, the server knows why they are receiving a bad tip.

8. If you’re not happy with food, dont eat all of it and then complain that it was undercooked. Say something right away, most places are happy to bring you another plate the way you want it. And don’t be RUDE! The waitor did not prepare the food for you, so don’t take your anger out on them.

9. Sit on a bench after you eat to catch up with your friend if you don’t want to end the night. Don’t stay for like 3 hours at a restaurant, they need that table! If you’re done ordering, leave! If a waitor has 4 tables for the night and you are staying at one of them for hours on end just talking, you’re ruining their night! They have to make money too.

10. Dont flail your arms to get attention, the server is not your slave. Be patient and talk to them respectfully. Example: When the waitor puts your check book on the table it’s usually in the upright position. To signal that you are ready to pay, insert your credit card so it sticks out on the end and set the book down. This way, the waitor doesn’t have to constantly check on your table or make you feel rushed.

Okay, learn anything new? I hope you did. There, now the world can be a better place.

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Four months in the blink of an eye!

March 11, 2010 at 11:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Time has flown. I have been in New York for 4 months. I do still feel like this was the move for me, but I don’t feel like I have been successful at all 😦

I have been on dozens of castings and go-sees and haven’t booked a single job. When do I throw in the towel? Should I give it a year? Two years? I’m feeling discouraged.

My social live is buzzing, my favorite places to party are Greenhouse, Veranda, and 1 OAK. I met a cool guy, Damion, who gets me and Monica into all the clubs for free, and our own table. We always have a good time when we party with him. He’s a model for Ford, and his friends are often hot!

As far as my dating life, well, if you don’t remember, the last guy I dated left me in a romantic wasteland. In fact, I sometimes wish I never met him. Why do I continue to settle for men who don’t deserve me?? I think it’s because I don’t think there are good men out there, so I settle for less in lue of waiting for more. I mean this guy was so bad for me it’s not even funny, and now he’s left a stain on my spirit that isn’t scrubbing off that easily. I hate myself for staying with him as long as I did (rant finished). Now, I had told Monica that I was DONE with men all together, then the very next day she came home and said that she had met the perfect guy for me.

Soooo I allowed her to arrange a blind date and it went extremely well, and I saw him 3 more times that very same week. I was instantly head over heals (as I often am in the beginning), but now, I’m not sure I want to do this anymore. My heart is tired! I just want one good one. I’m sooooooo TIRED of dating!!! So now I’m thinking should I even start things with this one, or should I just retire to my corner in defeat? Defeat.

So what’s next for me? Well, hell if I know. I need to find another job, I swear all my money goes to shoes and food. I don’t even want to think about how much I spend on frozen yogurt every week.

I have to bid you blog-readers of mine farewell for a bit. I’m at a crossroads, having a quarter-life-crises, etc.! And cannot deal! So, I’m signing off for a bit, I will say…..2 months….twitter too….and I’ll be back when I’ve sorted things out. No, I’m not giving up on my dreams, but I have been knocked down and need to regroup and pick myself back up to try things again, but slightly differently.

I probably sound like a Sad Sally (cancers tend to be moody crabs).


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