Beware of the Phone Snatchers!!!

July 29, 2010 at 2:42 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I was walking in Harlem, like 128th and Lenox Ave, talking on the phone to my mother. Out of NOWHERE, a young black kid on a bike ZOOMS past me and snatches the phone right off my ear!! Literally! All my mother heard was “blah blah work is fine blah blah Andre is a douche blah blah AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

The kid looked back at me like “Dis my fone now” (YES I’m spelling it like that because he was an IGNORANT KID). He was gone so fast I didn’t have a chance to react. I literally stood there with my hand still by my ear. My face still warm from the radiation. I wanted to tell the kid WAIT!! Let me buy my own phone back from you!!!

I few on lookers approached me. One guy in a business suit asking “Did he just take your phone? Did you know him?” I said NO! He then said go find your provider and cancel the phone. Now, I am not familiar with Harlem at all! He told me to go to 125th and make a right. I walked 7 avenues in the wrong direction! There was an AT&T store right on the corner of 125th and Lenox, but I needed to make a left!

I went in the store and told the lady I was a victim of phone snatching and needed a new phone! She asked if I had insurance. AHHHHH insurance. No. I’ve never lost a phone EVER! So I always pass on that extra $3.99 charge. I asked if I could use her phone to call my mom, who I’m no doubt was baffled by what she heard. My parents, however, screen their calls! So after 5 failed attempts I finally get an answer and explain what happened. “You got to be more aware of your surroundings!” says the parents.

So I beg and plead with the AT&T woman, I can’t afford to pay for a new phone! But I wasn’t due an upgrade until February. She instructed me to call customer service. Thankfully, they reduced the price of another blackberry and I was able to get a new phone the next day.

Ahhh the police. Yes. I told a police officer what happened. He said he can’t handle it because it’s not his precint. He calls another officer and instructs me to wait on the corner (what a good look for me) for the car to come. I wait 15 minutes. No car. I walk down 2 blocks and find 2 more officers, told them what happened. They said this isn’t their precint, they can’t handle the report. He then gives me 2 numbers to call and one of them should be the correct precint. 2 numbers to CALL with my STOLEN PHONE. I left and never reported the incident.

By this time my head is THROBBING and all I want to do it go home. So I go in the train an ahhhhhh…my metro card…I keep it in the back of my phone under the ruber skin, my $89 metro card. Great. So I buy another card, and hop on the 3 train back to Brooklyn. And that was my day.

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